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  1. GeeDeeEmm

    Bargain Cast Hoops

    After a six-week wait, I finally received the cast hoops that were noted in another thread here. These are 14" ten hole hoops, and I like what I see - so far. Unfortunately (bad word choice!), both of my ten-lug snares came from the factory with cast hoops, so I have nowhere to install these...
  2. GeeDeeEmm

    Interesting Bass Drum Pedal Comparison Video

    I ran across this video and hadn't seen it posted anywhere yet. If this is a repeat post . . . well, it's just a repeat post. These guys did an excellent job in discussing each pedal's good and bad features and didn't spare criticism for any of the main players' shortcomings. And there are a...
  3. GeeDeeEmm

    Guitar Center and The Three Cymbals

    My lovely wife decided that she wanted to go see a movie (Knife's Out - it was excellent!). Because we were considerably early, I had her drop me off at Guitar Center while she went to thrift stores. I love going into our Little Rock Guitar Center. It's adequately stocked, nicely staffed with...
  4. GeeDeeEmm

    Slingerland Project - Close To Finished

    A brief reminder: This is a mixed kit of new (NOS) Slingerland Concert King and Studio King drums which came to me via John Ollis, who now owns the remaining stock of the defunct Slingerland plant in Conway, Arkansas. Since the drums were mismatched, it was an obvious choice to recover the...
  5. GeeDeeEmm

    Inexpensive Cast Hoops

    I've been browsing around the web and hunting for cast hoops for my new Slingerland project. Because this kit was pieced together from different series of Slingerland drums, some of them have factory cast hoops, while the others are factory stick savers. Here's the kit after wrapping, minus the...
  6. GeeDeeEmm

    Can't (Hardly) Help Myself - White Marine Pearl Would Almost Make Me Buy On Color Alone

    Anybody who follows my posts here knows that I am a White Marine Pearl FREAK. I LOVE that finish. And time and again I will run across drum sets that I wouldn't otherwise consider buying, except that WMP almost drives me to do it. Case in point, this Mapex Meridian Maple kit. My first...
  7. GeeDeeEmm

    Yeah, Boy! A "Slightly Used" Roger's Tom!!!!!

    Sometimes sellers on Facebook have a marvelous sense of humor. From the ad: Slightly used Rodgers drum. Everything works just bought a new one so don't need it anymore. May trade if offer is worth while. Don't waste my time I don't want your broken vcr. $75 obo Less Condition Used - Like...
  8. GeeDeeEmm

    Double SLIDING Tom Mount System For Sale

    Slingerland's version of the DW/Tama sliding tom mount. Never used. Two 10.5mm ball mount tom arms. Doesn't require any big holes in the shell - only four 1/4" bolts (included). $110 w/free shipping to lower 48 states. Payment by PayPal. GeeDeeEmm
  9. GeeDeeEmm

    Gibraltar SC-GVRM Vintage Tom Mount For Sale - New

    Well, I bought this one to see if it would be appropriate for my Slingerland build, but decided to use a tom stand instead. Never installed. Comes in original box and cloth bag. $59 with free shipping to the lower 48. Payment by PayPal. Yep, I'm losing money. GeeDeeEmm
  10. GeeDeeEmm

    How I'm Finishing My Wrap Edges

    I have only one more drum to do in my Slingerland rewrap project, and it just dawned on me that I've taken practically no pictures along the way so that I could post the project here. So, here's just a very few photos of the finishing project. Quick history: Brand new (NOS) Slingerland Concert...
  11. GeeDeeEmm

    Slingerland Rewrap Project

    Just to recap a bit, John Ollis hooked me up with a Slingerland Concert King drum set (imported 5 ply maple shells), a Nashville 18" floor tom, and enough Delmar WMP wrap to rewrap the entire kit. It's been many years since I did any rewrapping, so I've had to learn and relearn a lot of the...
  12. GeeDeeEmm

    Slingerland ReWrap - One Down . . . .

    Background: Thanks to John Ollis, I obtained one of the NOS Slingerland Concert King kits. These are imported 5-ply maple shells fitted with the same hoops and lugs as used on the Conway-era USA Slingerland drums. Nice-sounding drums for a very, very reasonable price. Since I was a kid, I've...
  13. GeeDeeEmm

    Craig's List Delivers Another Tom Angles Winner

    What can I say?
  14. GeeDeeEmm

    New Slingerland Addition

    Yesterday I drove up to Jonesboro, Arkansas, and visited with John Ollis amidst his voluminous Slingerland warehouses. He had the promised 16x18 Nashville floor tom waiting for me, along with enough WMP wrap to cover the tom and my entire new Concert King kit obtained from him late last year...
  15. GeeDeeEmm

    Gibraltar Rail Mount - Any Experience With It?

    I need a side mount on my bass drum and the only one that shows up at a decent price is the Gibraltar SC-GVRM. Experience with them? Comments? GeeDeeEmm