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  1. el_37

    1970's era Ludwig 14x14 floor tom for rewrap

    Tough one- but don't want to rewrap a nice example. So I am seeking out a damaged wrap example or one with a bad rewrap. 3 ply only (i.e- has re-rings). PM with price/pics.
  2. el_37

    1970's era Ludwig 8x12 for rewrap

    Seeking out the damaged wrap or already bad rewrap 8x12" B/O badged drum. Send pics/price via PM. Minimal extra holes OK. 3 Ply only (i.e- has re-rings)
  3. el_37

    WTB Original WFL Roy Haynes 7A Model Sticks

    Trying to find a pair that are either NOS or in barely used condition. Please send a PM with price and pics/description.
  4. el_37

    Walopus Drum Wrap Mardi Gras and Rogers Grey Ripple Finishes

    Has anyone used these? The Mardi Gras looks pretty good on the sample drum in the picture that is posted, but the Rogers Grey doesn"t have a sample drum and the picture posted isn't the best.
  5. el_37

    WTB: Slingerland 5 Ply 22" or 24" Factory Single Head Bass Drum

    Have been looking off and on for a few years. Any finish considered since it is for a rewrap project- looking for one with the chrome trim ring intact. PM with price/pics/description.
  6. el_37

    WFL/Ludwig Flat Based Cymbal Stand with "Button" Feet- FOUND

    Looking for a WFL/Ludwig Flat Based Cymbal Stand with "Button" Feet. Prefer a clean chrome stand with tilter. PM with price/condition/photos.
  7. el_37

    1950's WFL/Early 1960's Ludwig 1372 Shell Mount Cymbal Holder wanted- FOUND

    This is the early version that does not utilize a P1216 bracket. Used until about 1962. I need the bracket and the L Arm in chrome. PM with condition/pics/price
  8. el_37

    Premier Polychromatic Lavender Drums

    Let me know what you have- looking for a 4 or 5 piece set but will consider others.
  9. el_37

    8x12 WFL Tom Complete or Shell

    Looking for a classic lug version- it is for a re wrap project so I would rather find one that has finish issues. Prefer no extra holes, but will consider all. Please PM with price and pics.
  10. el_37

    Help with keyboard controller for playing analog synth sounds live

    Trying to get our singer who plays keyboard to start using analog synth samples in our cover band. They keep insisting on doing New Wave- but the 16 year old Korg digital piano cannot cut it. I'm clueless on where to start. I don't have an issue learning the nuts and bolts of the process to...
  11. el_37

    Lower cost drum set experiences (I.E Yamaha Stage Custom)

    Debating getting a knock around set for some of my bands more cramped gigs (we regularly play 2 small bars) where there seems to be an actually risk of someone falling into our equipment. I normally play vintage sets, but honestly I'm terrified of an inebriated patron falling into one of them...
  12. el_37

    Ludwig 3 Ply Champagne Sparkle 20" Bass Drum

    Really want one from 1963-64 to match my toms- original bass was trashed (extra holes and slingerland spurs added) and I destroyed the wrap like an idiot in the 1990's. But will consider all- even possibly an early 6 ply (GASP!!!!). Send pm with pics/description and price. I am in the NYC area...
  13. el_37

    Vintage Hi-Hat Stand Grease?

    Working on Slingerland 806 and 804 hi-hat stands- what do you guys use to relube the main spring after cleaning off all the old dried out grease?
  14. el_37

    Ludwig Psychedelic Red Canister Throne- does it exist?

    Finally getting around to detailing not one but two Psychedelic Red Club Date sets that took me years to put together. Having recently come in to possession of s Slingerland Oyster Pink Pearl setup with matching canister throne- I started wondering if a Psychedelic Red canister throne exists...
  15. el_37

    Ludwig Club Date Bowtie T-Rods (6)

    Need 6 in chrome to complete a project. PM with price and condition.
  16. el_37

    Ludwig 20" Bass Drum Hoop w/Psychedelic Red Inlay

    Real long shot I know!!! But I have seen them pop up for sale over the years. If you have one please PM with condition and price.
  17. el_37

    Slingerland Late 1962-65 Gene Krupa 5x14 COB Snare Drum

    Looking for one of these with the unlined shell. Trying to match a 1963 set as closely as I can, so need one with a serial number, unlined shell, and a black/brass Niles badge. PM with condition, pics, and price.
  18. el_37

    Vintage Snare Stand ID

    MIJ? Couldn't find another one that looks like it online. Sorry for the tilted pics- no idea why it does that,
  19. el_37

    Slingerland early 60's Flatbased Stands

    Looking for clean stands with good chrome. No rust or flaking chrome. Specifically looking for model 803 or 804 hi hat, model 802 snare stand, model 938 bass drum pedal and model 33F cymbal stand. PM with pics and price(s)
  20. el_37

    1963 Slingerland Oyster Pink Pearl

    Found this set on Reverb- I'm sure some of you guys have seen it before and it's bits and pieces the seller was attempting to sell separately on eBay. Set was sold as a 20/12/12/14 w/matching snare. Knew immediately something funny was going on with the snare and the double tom mount, but...