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  1. multijd

    What are 20" Istanbul K Zildjians selling for these days?

    I believe this is the definitive history of Zildjian. No schooner. And not three weeks. Avedis had a candy business in Massachusetts before his uncle came over to the us to implore him to take up the family business in America. Its all here...
  2. multijd

    What are 20" Istanbul K Zildjians selling for these days?

    The fact that you “don’t like” the sound of a K has nothing to do with whether it is a good cymbal or not. Most likely those cymbals are not favorable to you because you haven’t found the right use for them. As the story goes when K’s from turkey were shipped to stores in Europe the local...
  3. multijd

    Why does my snare ring when hit slightly off center and would die cast hoops (or something else) minimize this?

    Snares, snare bed, strainer shouldn’t affect the ring. It is normal for the drum to ring off center (the node). The first thing I do when encountering an “annoying” ring is to tune the drum so that the head near each tension rod produces the same pitch. That should make the ring less annoying if...
  4. multijd

    Karen Carpenter on drums

    Her voice was truly incredible. Her drumming was superior. If there was a different mentality behind women as “showpieces” rather than as talented musicians we may have been able to appreciate her magnificence. Who wouldn’t like this to change? I bet women musicians would applaud a shift. But...
  5. multijd

    Collecting cymbals from every manufacturer: noble endeavor or stupid move

    I don't know if you will have anything of value, in sound or money, when you are done. Heres a website that i posted about before that you may be interested in.
  6. multijd

    Progress As You Age

    I’m more fluid, quicker, more musical, more variations. My mind is sharp and my reflexes respond with more assurance. Maybe I’m smarter and don’t do as many of the uncertain things nor do I play without confidence. I have to disagree with the premise that younger is better. I heard in the older...
  7. multijd

    Neil Peart's Snares Go Up for Auction Sunday 8 AM EDT @ SOULDRUMS in Toronto

    I don’t understand those prices.
  8. multijd

    Vintage Drum Hardware or Modern Drum Hardware

    I use a lot of vintage hardware (and drums, and marimba, and timpani, and vibes, and percussion Lol) but have supplemented with some of the modern build lightweight stuff from dw and tama (Ive always liked their stands). A lot of modern hardware is too heavy for me. I don’t need that weight and...
  9. multijd

    Who's still playing their bargain NOS Music Yo Slingerland maple snare?

    I use mine on a set at school. It sounds great. Im always impressed with the quality of the hardware,finish, the shell. Whoever made these did a great job and that I think puts to rest the myth that the only good Slingerlands were from 19xx-19xx.
  10. multijd

    Songs with integral hi hat barks

  11. multijd

    Back-up gear (what do you take/stories)

    Bass pedal (I had to use it recently when the spring broke on my Tama Classic pedal) Spare sticks and brushes in the car (It’s been a while since I left my stick bag but I’m prepared in that event).
  12. multijd

    Rob Brown and Flams

    I can show you what I mean by this. Essentially a double stroke roll is a downstroke and an upstroke played consecutively in each hand. A flam is also a downstroke and an upstroke but where both are played (almost) simultaneously in each hand. A flam tap is three strokes in each hand...
  13. multijd

    Rob Brown and Flams

    More a variation of the double stroke as it is an upstroke followed by a downstroke.
  14. multijd

    Drum History podcast about Stern Tanning rawhide heads

    I purchased one earthtone when I was at the beginning of my quest toward having a complete set with rawhide batters. They are not the same quality as the Kentville or Bovid or old Slingerland or Amrawco that I have. I haven’t tried Stern heads yet. Im a little concerned about the fact that they...
  15. multijd

    Set of 6X8" and 8X8" Concert Toms with solid Stand

    With the stand. Nice price!!
  16. multijd

    Orphan Drum Sale (Yamaha, Impact, Eames, Stacatto, Olympic, Sonor)

    Which one is the Eames and how much? What does FF mean?
  17. multijd

    Drum History podcast about Stern Tanning rawhide heads

    Here is the DRUM Magazine article about how to tuck a drumhead:
  18. multijd

    Drum History podcast about Stern Tanning rawhide heads Jeff Stern owns and operates Stern Tanning Co. which acquired the United Rawhide Company of Chicago in 2001 - the former largest manufacturer or drumheads in the world before mylar became king. United Rawhide was...
  19. multijd

    Drum Chart Advice

    Yes!! And yes!
  20. multijd

    SOLD 14” A Zildjian Light Hi Hats 915/990g $160 Shipped

    Hey Joe! JDA. These are the ones? Lightest of the Zildjian family?