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  1. wmtunate

    WTB: 24" Wood Hoop

    Looking for a 24" wood hoop, 1.5" wide, preferably with a 1/2" wide inlay slot. I'm replacing a snapped one on a early 70s Fibes (fiberglass) bass drum that I recently picked up, though I've seen vintage Ludwig and Slingerland hoops that look nearly identical. Color doesn't matter.
  2. wmtunate

    WTB: Premier Floor Tom Lug & inserts

    Looking for a single pointy-style Premier floor tom lug to go on an early 70s drum I'm trying to resurrect. Also looking for a source for 16 threaded inserts & those stamped metal retainer pieces shown below. Modern replacement parts are fine, if anybody knows of something that will work with my...
  3. wmtunate

    Floor Tom Identification - 3 ply, no re-rings

    As I mentioned in my other thread, about five years ago I refurbished and rewrapped what I thought was a early 80s Ludwig kit. 13x9, 16x16, 22x14. Somebody had wrapped it in Champagne Sparkle before I bought it, but it was a hack job. Crooked seams in terribly obvious places (not under the...
  4. wmtunate

    1965 Ludwig Kit Score

    Hi all, first time posting here, though I've been an occasional lurker for years. First off, I'm not a drummer. I'm a part-time recording engineer and gear collector, primarily vintage amps, microphones, and guitars. I have a late 70s Ludwig kit (22/16/13) that I refurbished and rewrapped in...