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  1. doubleroll

    Convince me which DAW I should get into

    Another Cubase user here but my decision was based on my Steinberg MR816 interface purchased several years back…
  2. doubleroll

    Do you switch snares for outdoor gigs?

    Wow this is a great thread to be active for all these years! Outdoor, I typically use my 402 but I have also used my Brady Jarrah 6.5x14 as well. I recently used the 402 by the beach since I didn’t want the Brady to go swimming…
  3. doubleroll

    New on Netflix: "Count Me In" Drummer Documentary

    Watched this documentary the other day and absolutely enjoyed it. Thanks for the heads up…
  4. doubleroll

    The Stones To Roll On

    Let me be the first to say, I’m dissatisfied and saddened with their decision to continue.
  5. doubleroll

    RIP Charlie Watts

  6. doubleroll

    What’s your favorite cover song to play live

    From the recent setlist: Smooth Operator - Sade Sunday Morning- Maroon 5 How Long - Paul Carrack Valerie - Amy Winehouse
  7. doubleroll

    Frankie Valli with Gerry Poloci

    Yes Gary “oh what a night” Polici did some funky drumming on those tunes for sure…
  8. doubleroll

    OT What series to watch ???

    Money Heist Queen of the South
  9. doubleroll

    OT: Bourbon drinkers? Favorite Bourbon...

    Either one of those…Four Roses is also very good!
  10. doubleroll

    Happy 4th of July !

    And…RUSH! ;-) Happy Independence Day to all!!!
  11. doubleroll

    Drummers you DON’T LIKE in bands you love

    Ringo…wait maybe I got this backwards :bom:
  12. doubleroll

    Any Sonor Drummers here?

    SQ2 Medium Beech :)
  13. doubleroll

    Beato Pro 1

    Best soft bags I ever owned. Still use an old late 80’s or early 90’s cymbal bag. Agree with the advice to call Fred for sizing help…
  14. doubleroll

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    My office space during Saturdays gig under the tent in Scarsdale, NY… Edit...add better snare pic ;-)
  15. doubleroll

    Taking an inventory of my gear. 2021 style!

    One more kit and two snares should do the trick! J/K…great arsenal you have there! Must be fun choosing which to play ;-) Actually, great idea to list everything for the wife.
  16. doubleroll

    Are pub/bar gigs back yet in your area ?

    Things are slowly getting back here in lower NY state. A few places have bands booked the rest of the year already…First gig Saturday 6/5!
  17. doubleroll

    Are You Playing with Others Again? If so, what type of music?

    Woohoo…first gig since the start of the pandemic this Saturday 6/5 in Scarsdale, NY. New band doing soul, R&B type stuff. Only had a few rehearsals but I cant wait…its been way too long! Been a rollercoaster ride, especially since I am in Healthcare and involved in the pandemic response since...
  18. doubleroll

    What is the Best Wood Shell Snare Regardless of Cost

    Not sure if it’s the best but it’s my favorite :-)
  19. doubleroll

    For the Sonor man that has everything

    Wonder where the couple of marks came from ;-)
  20. doubleroll

    Bongo advice

    Anyone ever try mounting bongos like this?