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  1. jmpd_utoronto

    Creative/non-standard/"player's" drum mods

    I have an Acrolite (a players drum that someone had installed a DW 3-position butt on) that I've always liked but never loved, and a Keller-shelled snare with a Ludwig P86 and old-style wooden hoops that I've always liked but never loved. Decided to combine the best parts from both drums...
  2. jmpd_utoronto

    New Posts count

    Just wondering if there is a way to see more than 4 pages (200 total) of new posts? Before, if I hadn't checked in in a while, there would be many pages of posts that I could scan through quickly but now it stops at four pages. Any way of fixing this? Thanks!
  3. jmpd_utoronto

    Carol of the Bells... a bit differently.

    The annual Christmas video from my percussion Quartet TorQ. Happy holidays to all my DFO brothers and sisters!
  4. jmpd_utoronto

    WTB Yamaha 16" wood hoop for floor tom (bottom)

    I just bought a set of wood hoops from a local music store but realized too late that the 16" pair is for a mounted tom instead of a floor tom, which means the ft legs will not fit on properly. Looking to buy a bottom hoop with the ft leg notches (considered trying to cut them out myself from...
  5. jmpd_utoronto

    Donny McCaslin quartet on NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts

    with Mark Guiliana on drums. They even play an instrumental version of "Lazarus". Dig it!
  6. jmpd_utoronto

    For sale: Tempus Drums

    hey folks, I have some Tempus Drums that I am looking to move to a better home. They are great sounding drums and I have used them on a lot of gigs, as well as some recordings, but they have been sitting piled in a corner for a while now, and I'd like them to live with someone who is going to...
  7. jmpd_utoronto

    Favourite gigs of 2016?

    As the year draws to a close (none too soon, for a lot of people), I always like to try to look back and remember some of favourite parts of the last 12 months. So: what was your favourite gig? Did you have one (or more, I guess) where everything just seemed to lock into place, one that still...
  8. jmpd_utoronto

    South African music recommendations

    Anyone here really into South African (or area) music? If so, I'd love some recommendations of great artists to check out. Just getting into this area of music and know very little about it, so would appreciate any helpful tips. Particularly interested in stuff with a rhythm section, township or...
  9. jmpd_utoronto

    Post your unusual setups

    Hi everyone - I am in the middle of putting together a drum and percussion setup for an upcoming concert, and was thinking I want to use something other than a "standard" kit set up (eg the usual variations of rack toms and floor toms). I would love to see photos of kits that fall outside of...
  10. jmpd_utoronto

    Hamilton's Benny Reiner and Andres Forero - backstage

    Even if you're not a fan of musical theatre, this is still pretty cool - backstage tour with the drummer and percussionist of Hamilton. Had the pleasure of sitting in the pit with Benny earlier this year (Andres wasn't there but his sub Dan was killer) and he's a fantastic musician and a super...
  11. jmpd_utoronto

    A 67-snare drum salute

    On Sunday April 10 I went to a reception and concert celebrating the retirement of my first percussion teacher, Dr. Russell Hartenberger. He's perhaps most well known as a founding member of the group NEXUS, which was in many ways the first Western percussion group to achieve any sort of...
  12. jmpd_utoronto

    PASIC performance video

    Hey all, For those of you who couldn't make PASIC this year, thought you might enjoy a brief video of a performance in which I took part. This is my group TorQ Percussion Quartet playing a piece that we commissioned. "Ersilia" is for four players with 5 drums each - it's the solo movement...
  13. jmpd_utoronto

    WTB: Yamaha 14" 10 hole wood ("Vintage") snare hoops

    Looking for a pair of wood hoops in great condition. Yamaha's strongly preferred, but may consider newer-model Gibraltars as well. (No Pacific hoops though, thanks.) Am also looking for a set of 12" 6-hole and 14" 8 hole (floor tom) wood hoops as well. Photos are always great, let me know...
  14. jmpd_utoronto

    For you "2 up" guys: ride cymbal placement?

    For almost as long as I've been playing drums (about 20 years), I've played either a three-piece, or a 1 up/2 down configuration. Now I have a gig that requires a 2-up/2 down setup, and I'm trying to figure out how to position my ride cymbal so that it's comfortable. I've typically had it...
  15. jmpd_utoronto

    wanted: Yamaha long lugs

    I am looking for Yamaha Recording Custom or (even better) long Stage Custom-style lugs to fit the following drums: an 8" deep tom (lugs I think would need to be 5"-ish long, I would need 6), a 14" deep FT (11"ish long, need 8 ) and a 14" deep BD (11"-ish long, need 8 ). The lug lengths of...
  16. jmpd_utoronto

    Slightly OT: Ornette Coleman passes

    Whether you were into his music or not, his influence on "jazz" (and what the term meant) was undeniable. RIP to a true musical innovator.
  17. jmpd_utoronto

    Gig in Vancouver tomorrow night (and Whistler BC on Saturday)

    Hi All - Haven't been keeping up on the boards much in the last few weeks as I've been on tour in Newfoundland, Alaska and BC (sometimes without much/any internet access). If there are DFO brothers or sisters in Vancouver, and looking for something to do tomorrow night, please come out to our...
  18. jmpd_utoronto

    Big band cymbals?

    Sat in with a big band for the first time in a while today and it got me thinking about big band ride cymbals. For me they are a bit of an elusive beast - I want something not too bright and with some character, but often nice sounding "jazz" cymbals may not cut through a loud-blowing horn...
  19. jmpd_utoronto

    Dream Cymbals at PASIC

    Just found out from my friends at Dream that they are going to be taking a bunch of B-stock/one-offs/prototypes/oddities to PASIC and will be selling them for $3/inch (16" or less) or $4/inch (17" or more). That is a pretty solid deal for some pies. Don't know what exactly they'll be bringing...
  20. jmpd_utoronto

    TorQ Percussion playing at the Toronto Music Garden

    hi all, here's a little something different. my group, TorQ Percussion Quartet, played a gig at the Music Garden in Toronto (a very cool space - it was designed in conjunction with cellist Yo-Yo Ma and inspired by the form of Bach's cello suites). We did a program of semi-improvised music...