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  1. Drumbumcrumb

    Who was looking for 17” metal hoops?

    I remember a post by someone looking for 17” hoops a while back but I can’t find it. I know we talked a bit about having them made and I finally found (I think) someone who can do it. I also found a set of 17” snare hoops, which would work fine on a tom as long as you don’t mind the gates on the...
  2. Drumbumcrumb

    The Art of the Drum: a Pork Pie story

    Every once in a while, a maker transcends the usual and becomes an artist. Sometimes it’s innovation, or design, sometimes it’s very special materials, sometimes it’s a combination of these things or something altogether different. Rare is the maker who looks at a drum and sees a cylindrical...
  3. Drumbumcrumb

    This’ll make you laugh... I promise (unless it’s your drum)

    So we all know that the best thing for bass drums is MORE PILLOWS. Right??? right? Well this guy didn’t hear the “bass” in that well known piece of wisdom... For him ALL drums are better with pillows! (Found this beauty while browsing the web, and no, it was not in jest, just a man selling a...
  4. Drumbumcrumb

    WTB:15” Istanbul hi hats

    Hey guys n gals! Looking for a set of nice Turkish hats, preferably 15” but I’ll take a look at whatever ya got. Anybody have some hats looking for a home? Thanks for looking
  5. Drumbumcrumb

    Drum mic virgin! Advice, experience, recommendations welcome

    Hey guys, so I’m wanting to record some drums... (1 snare, 1 rack tom, 1 floor tom, 1 bd) On a budget, but I want to get it right. (Gotta be Sweetwater, let’s say $1k tops with interface and cables. Budget 8 ch. interface is $300, so $500ish mic budget, with leftover for a couple stands...
  6. Drumbumcrumb

    daVille Drumworks snare build: 13x7 Walnut stave

    Hey guys and gals! Haven’t posted in a bit, and had to share the results of my (first) snare build. Hats off to Terry Thompson at daVille, a true craftsman. His work is so good that he makes a stave shell look like it’s carved from a block. His bearing edges and beds are just beautiful...
  7. Drumbumcrumb

    Anyone record drums to iPhone/iPad? iQ7, MV88, etc.

    Hey drummers, anybody record to their iPhone or Pad with one of the lightning mics like the Zoom iq6 or 7 or the Shure MV88? I’d like to be able to get decent recordings of drums, not looking for studio quality of course. Is the MV88 better than the iq7 for my use? Are either one going to be...
  8. Drumbumcrumb

    Oriollo Bakar 1360 w/ video demo

    Hey guys, I had to share this 13x6 hammered copper beauty. The hammering is so artistically done, the natural colors of the copper are gorgeous, I could just hang this drum on the wall. But no, it sounds as good as it looks so it must be played! The video isn’t mine of course, it was made by...
  9. Drumbumcrumb

    Maple hoops on Walnut George H. Way drums

    Just finished the hoops for these babies and had to share the results. I’ve always loved that natural maple hoops on natural walnut drums look, so I had to do it. The 12” tom is so light now you could juggle three of them. It’s insanely light, I’ll have to weigh it just to see... 4 coats of...
  10. Drumbumcrumb

    Bearing edges - to match or not to match?

    Hey builders! I’m about to order a shell for a snare build (13x7) and I’m on the fence about edges. My initial idea is an outside roundover sloping in at 30 degrees (a ‘vintage 30’) on the batter side, and a normal 45 on the reso (small outside 45, wider inside 45 to meet it). Now I’m wondering...
  11. Drumbumcrumb

    WTB: George Way Snare - Walnut or COB or ?

    Looking for a GW snare in excellent condition, walnut and COB are at the top of my list... Or, whaddya have? Hope to talk to you! Thanks
  12. Drumbumcrumb

    Remo Colortones - Real men wear pink

    I’ve only seen them on acrylic drums, so I thought I’d post some pics. Whaddaya think? They were on sale at CME for super cheap, and the pink really matches the ruby strata perfectly. I could see green heads on avocado, or blue heads on sky blue pearl working well too. The best part is they...
  13. Drumbumcrumb

    Stanton Moore YT channel! Please subscribe

    Well, I don’t like to name drop, buuut I was just having a quick convo with STANTON MOORE. I was checking out his signature pandeiro on his (pretty new) YT channel, and I commented on the sad fact that his channel has 1300 subscribers while reality tv stars have 7 figures (not naming names, but...
  14. Drumbumcrumb

    Experience/anecdotal evidence- Oriollo 12/15/20

    Hey guys n gals, I was hoping some of you could chime in with pearls of wisdom regarding 12/15/20. It seems like a natural, but then why is it almost always 12/14/20? Idk. I’m ready to get a set of Oriollo Phantom, and I’ve always liked 12/14/20 but often wished for juuust a bit more low end...