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  1. GeeDeeEmm

    Drum Solo Appreciation Thread

    Except from somebody like our idol Buddy Rich, I do not enjoy dedicated drum solos. Most of what is "said" in a fifteen - thirty minute solo could have been wrapped up in a much nices solo under the three minute mark. But, what I enjoy the most are solos that take place within a song and...
  2. GeeDeeEmm

    SOLD!! - Sabian HH Light Ride- 20” -2244g - $ 125 shipped!

    I have the Medium version of this cymbal, and it's my favorite ride cymbal of all times. Drilled for six rivets, as well. Guys, I'm telling 'ya, these are some of the nicest rides ever made. At least, mine and all the others I've heard are. And the price is AWESOME. GeeDeeEmm
  3. GeeDeeEmm

    Drum Amps

    A used keyboard amp, like the Peavey KB15 BW. GeeDeeEmm
  4. GeeDeeEmm

    OT: Dan’s week long 564 mile bike ride. DONE

    When you said "bike," I thought you meant "motorcycle." 547 miles on a bicycle? No way, Jose! Nope. Your ass must be made of high-carbon steel. Not just no, either . . . . give me a motor, two-wheels and a foot-wide saddle, and maybe. A bicycle? My hat's off to 'ya, sir. GeeDeeEmm
  5. GeeDeeEmm

    Dawes Drummer's Dad is a Fraud

    I wouldn't let their daddy (whom I've never heard of till now) reflect unduly on Dawes. I bought one of their CDs and just watched some live performances, and they are a perfectly good band with good musicianship and vocals. What's not to like there. I can't even call myself a fan, 'cause I...
  6. GeeDeeEmm

    Ludwig Accent CS Combo Drum Kit (Value second hand)?

    I would say that in most American markets your price of $300 is almost perfectly positioned to compete with other kits. GeeDeeEmm
  7. GeeDeeEmm

    Bargain Cast Hoops

    You know, I bought a set of 16" die cast hoops that were unused, and I think I remember the source being DFD. I bought them from a gentleman who purchased them but ended up never using them. He never even unwrapped them. But one of those hoops shows the same chrome defects that you are...
  8. GeeDeeEmm

    Bargain Cast Hoops

    After a six-week wait, I finally received the cast hoops that were noted in another thread here. These are 14" ten hole hoops, and I like what I see - so far. Unfortunately (bad word choice!), both of my ten-lug snares came from the factory with cast hoops, so I have nowhere to install these...
  9. GeeDeeEmm

    Drumsets you'd hate to own that pros use(d)

    Well, there was a set of Ludwig drums that I was sure I'd hate to own: the 1971 Ludwig Carioca: In those days, I was a hard-core collector of drum magazines, and I specifically remember immediately dismissing the Carioca as a kit I hated. Then, in 1975 I had a chance to play this very kit while...
  10. GeeDeeEmm

    New Shell drilling

    I've never done brand new, undrilled shells, but this looks like the safest, simplest, and most logical way to do it. Drill the holes, install the wrap, then open up the holes in the wrap. Just seems to make the most sense - for the reason given. GeeDeeEmm
  11. GeeDeeEmm

    My at home recording mic set up. Suggestions welcomed.

    What is parallel compression?
  12. GeeDeeEmm

    Carter McLean RIDE CYMBAL demos

    Dear Carter McClean, Your playing simply astounds me. And I'm deeply humbled, which, I suppose, makes the Lord happy, at least. But, I'm tired of feeling so inferior. So lackluster. So unrefined. All the things that you aren't. You seemed to never play the same thing twice throughout that...
  13. GeeDeeEmm

    chicago/danny seraphine drums

    I haven't read the other replies, so excuse me if this is a repeat - but if you like Chicago, have you listened to Blood, Sweat and Tears? You must. GeeDeeEmm
  14. GeeDeeEmm

    Got me some new legs.

    What do we think? I think I love the fact that so many people, like you, are going back to mounting their toms and cymbal arms to the bass drum where they belong! And I wish that my drums had everything on them made from aluminum. I'm too old to be lugging this stuff around. GeeDeeEmm
  15. GeeDeeEmm

    Snare drum off center issue... never figured this out over all these years

    Ptrick, you need to go into business tuning drums, my friend! That snare, along with the rest of your kit, sounds . . . killer? I just can't think of a good word to express how right-on-the-mark your tuning is. I wish you and the OP could get together somehow. GeeDeeEmm
  16. GeeDeeEmm

    Do “new old stock” drum heads expire?

    That reminds me - I have a box or two full of NOS heads that I got from a music store that was going out of business. In the attic for years now. I think most of them are ebony, ebony PS, and clear PS. I'll have to go up and dig them out and see how they are holding up. They've been in their...
  17. GeeDeeEmm

    Sold XP8 Rogers set

    My gosh, Amazish! Those drums look absolutely beautiful. That maple looks like the finish is an inch thick. If I found a kit like yours, I'd be all over them - no matter what Rogers purists say. GeeDeeEmm
  18. GeeDeeEmm

    Ok, DW what did I just get?

    Boy, you don't play around when it comes to quality kits and cymbals, do you? Goodness. GeeDeeEmm
  19. GeeDeeEmm

    Ok, DW what did I just get?

    I'm not a DW scholar, so I can't answer about any history on these. But I DO know a beauty when I see one, and that kit is a beauty. And if you really "stole it," all the much better! GeeDeeEmm
  20. GeeDeeEmm

    My First Record

    I like the B side best. And I really zoomed in on that Rickenbacker bass guitar. Behind the Hammond Tone Wheel organ, the Ric 4000 series basses automatically get my attention. Thanks for posting that! GeeDeeEmm