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  1. evilw

    The Jerry Allison Appreciation Club

    Before I could walk, I would crawl to my parents Hi-Fi on the floor and play my favorite song, Peggy Sue. For years they couldn't understand how I knew which 45 record it was, so I finally told them that it was the only bright orange CORAL label in the stack. I always credited that song for me...
  2. evilw

    Camco pedal with a one piece footboard

    Hello DolFan54, I really wanted to see the Bruce Wittet pedal article, but the link does not seem to work for me. Is the site still active? THanks, -EW
  3. evilw

    How much have you spent on drum lessons?

    I had already been a professional drummer for years when I decided to take lessons. I was lucky enough to study with Murray Spivack in the late 70s' to early 80s. Because Murray didn't need the money, he would divide the rent he paid to Annex Studios in Hollywood by the number of students that...
  4. evilw

    New Buddy Rich Documentary

    Very Cool, Thanks! -EW
  5. evilw

    RIP Dale Griffin

    So Sad ... He was the master of the "half-time" power beats. He would do these amazing behind the beat fills and you would wonder if he was going to make it back by 1, but he always did. Created a great feel. Rest in Peace Buffin!
  6. evilw

    My Supra/Acro Quest

    I am smiling ear to ear for you. Great sleuthing on CL too! Looks look two fine examples that were mean't to be together again. Congrats! -EW
  7. evilw

    Premier snare lug or just the parts that hold threaded insert

    dtk, I am replacing several cracked lugs on a Super Royal Scot, so let me know what size threaded inserts you are looking for. I will send them your way for shipping only. -EW
  8. evilw

    Was Buddy Rich so good because...

    He was a freak of nature. God given talent with no relation to size. Didn't read, didn't practice, didn't read about drumming, just played better than anyone else. Blessed! -EW
  9. evilw

    Premier snare lug or just the parts that hold threaded insert

    I still need these parts: I may have lug parts. -EW
  10. evilw

    It might be time to clean the drum room!!

    You are not alone ..... But at least you used the word "room" singular. "But Honey, I have sold SO many already!" lol -EW
  11. evilw

    A Lot Can Change in 14 years!

    It is hard to imagine now, but in 2001 I ran the auction for this Champagne Sparkle (20,14,12 and snare) Chanute Camco set three times for $900.00 on Ebay without a bid. I finally sold it locally for $700.00. with all original heads, hardware and stands!
  12. evilw

    Rogers Pre-Badge Wood Dyna-Sonic - Current Value?

    Beautiful Drum! I covet it for my 1961 Gold Sparkle set. If you do decide to sell, please let me know. -EW
  13. evilw

    radio king snare

    I see nothing wrong with it. -EW
  14. evilw


    Hello All, I had recently posted that I was looking for a snare to play with a lone Piper and that I would prefer a Premier Royal Scot. One of the leads lead me to a beautiful drum that needed a couple of cracked lugs replaced. I was soon lucky enough to find an ebay auction for some "Parts...
  15. evilw

    WTB: 12 x 14 Scottish Marching Snare Drum

    Burgundy, Thank you so much for the kind offer to help with this. I only wish he would have responded earlier as I now have a couple of other deals in the works. That is a fantastic price and well below the market. When I add in shipping to California, it gets closer to some local deals...
  16. evilw

    Unusual Rogers Part

    I have never seen that configuration either. I have one like the BDP pic. but that side by side is interesting.
  17. evilw

    WTB: 12 x 14 Scottish Marching Snare Drum

    Thanks Burgundy, I would buy that one in a heartbeat just to have, but am afraid it will sell quickly to a local buyer. I have emailed them just in case. Thanks again! -EW
  18. evilw

    WTB: 12 x 14 Scottish Marching Snare Drum

    Thanks Chico, I did talk with Andrew and he is getting me a little more info on his BDP SRS 10-lug he has for sale. It has stress cracks in the lugs, so I asked him to check the shell. If it looks OK, I'm a buyer. Thanks again, -EW
  19. evilw

    WTB: 12 x 14 Scottish Marching Snare Drum

    Thanks Benny and Chico. It is a tough decision as I will only ever be buying the one Pipe drum. To my ears from YouTube the Premier Royal Scot sounds the best. I have a slight problem playing Scottish music on a Pearl (I should get over that) even though so many recommend it. Thanks for the...