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  1. drummer

    How much does the shell material and construction contribute to a drum's sound?

    Unfortunately they took on the character of the Liberty Bell and cracked.
  2. drummer

    Puget sound DFO hang

    Thank for hosting Tom. You have some cool gear. A real pleasure meeting you and everyone else.
  3. drummer

    Question for Puget Sound area DFOers

    I'm in Auburn and would be interested.
  4. drummer

    WOW! A REAL Music store in 2021... MILANO MUSIC in MESA AZ

    Bought my Gretsch blue satin flame Catalinas here. Cool store and a killer deal.
  5. drummer

    A Zildjian 6" splash

  6. drummer

    Camco mufflers?

    Do you still have these and would you sell them,? Thank you
  7. drummer

    Are your silent stroke heads still available? Thank you

    Are your silent stroke heads still available? Thank you
  8. drummer

    OT - Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?

    Just wondering, Does anyone put mayo on their wraps?
  9. drummer

    **SOLD** Gretsch 12' & 13" toms in blonde natural finish

    I'm interested in your toms. I'm near Seattle. Do you have a price in mind? And what's your location? Thank you
  10. drummer

    Cat club for Cat club

    Pm sent
  11. drummer

    Paiste 602 Thin 20" crash for ??

    I have an 18" Signature fast crash in very nice condition or a 17"available.
  12. drummer

    The top coolest experiences you've had as a drummer?

    Wow Petty to Pastorius quite a stretch
  13. drummer

    2021 Tacoma Guitar and DRUM Show June 26-27 - $20 for 2 days!

    I'll have a booth there both days. Ludwig 67 OBP 13 16 22 Ludwig Big Beat Stainless Steel Trick 22 12 14 Pink Sparkle Rogers Swivo Mid 60's 20 12 14 BDP Rogers factory Natural Maple Big R 5 ply 22 16 ( 14 13 concert toms) Tons of Vintage hardware for Ludwig Rogers Slingerland including pedals...
  14. drummer

    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    You do know Rogers is back and Slingerland presumably will be.
  15. drummer

    What will DW do with old Slingerland endorsers?

    Were any Camco players brought aboard by DW? Maybe they should be first.
  16. drummer

    Practice pad kit

    The classic Remo practice pads have a threaded insert that attach to the older US made cymbal stands. They utilize real drum heads and can be tensioned. I can hook you up. PM to discuss