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  1. mgdrummer

    So tell me why you love (or hate) Paiste 602's

    Absolutely love the reissued 602's! I stumbled into a 20" medium ride as well as 16" & 18" thin crashes from the original re-release of the series that a local Guitar Center was blowing out 8-9 years ago. Up until then I had only heard a handful of them over the years, but these really...
  2. mgdrummer

    Premier 2000 split snare wires

    I have several snares with the flobeam system, the only wires you can buy new are the #0655 24 strand wires with the single end plates. Pairs of the original 12 strand wires come up for sale on Reverb/EBay from time to time but they aren’t always in the best shape.
  3. mgdrummer

    I took another drummer's gig today

    Exactly! There are some of them that have a couple of outlets built into the side of the fan, very useful if you have an iPad or other device that you may need for monitor mixes, charts and/or song lists, backing tracks, etc.
  4. mgdrummer


    I believe the larger pads are called Moderators. I have the large set that has two of each size, they definitely work to bring the volume down without completely killing the sound of the cymbals. VERY handy for small and/or very “live” rooms.
  5. mgdrummer

    70’s Premier wrap color code

    I found this 78/79 catalog scan over at Vintage Drum Guide. There is a finish with the color code CR that appears to be the same finish on a handful of drums I recently acquired. There’s no corresponding page that gives full color names to the color codes. Does anyone happen to know what the...
  6. mgdrummer

    What would I gain/lose going from an 8” to a 9” depth on a 13” tom?

    The 8” depth would just shorten the length of the note a bit, the pitch would remain nearly the same.
  7. mgdrummer

    New Premier kit questions...

    This looks like it's an Asian made kit w/the rounded tom holder bracket on the bass drum that takes the 1" tom holder tubes. I would guesstimate these to be mid 00's. At that point the XPK was discontinued and would have either been Artist Maple or Artist Birch. I don't think the XPK name...
  8. mgdrummer

    Vintage Premier 3-ply Mahogany Drums BDP 12/13/14/20

    Just FYI the re-rings in these drums (and all 70's Premier drums) are beech not maple.
  9. mgdrummer

    Go to Set Up for 6.5 Ludwig Black Beauty

    Coated CS dot batter over Ludwig X-thin or Hazy Ambassador, 42 strand Gibraltar wires, die cast hoop and Tightscrew tension rods on the batter side.
  10. mgdrummer

    Poll: What Size Bass Drum do you Prefer?

    My first kit (and many others that followed) all had 22” bass drums. About 15 years ago I picked up a Premier Genista kit that had two 18x24 kicks. I sold one and kept the other and started playing 12/16/24 and it stuck with me. There’s something about the feel & sound of that size drum that...
  11. mgdrummer

    Looking for a proper 1" Hole Saw bit

    I use hole saws as part of my (almost) daily routine as a trim/finish carpenter. Run the pilot bit through the shell (either direction is fine), and then "score" either side of the shell with the hole saw and drill the rest of the way through from the opposite side. Should be minimal tear out...
  12. mgdrummer

    Nick D’Virgilio

    And a Sonor SQ1 on a somewhat recent Big Big Train tour.
  13. mgdrummer

    Need 16" & 18" Premier Elite floor toms in whatever finish this is...

    Thanks, sounds awesome but I think I’ll hold out for a mahogany shell.
  14. mgdrummer

    Help identifying wrap on 70's Premier Elite

    Picked up this 12/13/13/14/24 kit missing it's floor tom(s) the other day. I've been looking through the later 70's Premier catalogs on line and can't seem to find a definite match for the wrap. It has the appearance of the polychromatic wraps but I can't tell if these drums have yellowed or...
  15. mgdrummer

    Need 16" & 18" Premier Elite floor toms in whatever finish this is...

    Just picked up these toms/kick yesterday and the floor tom is MIA. Shells are all mahogany, I can't quite figure out what finish this is. Would love to add 16x16 and 16x18 floor toms to the set in the same color, however the wrap on these drums have some bubbles/waves/cracks so I may even be...
  16. mgdrummer

    Premier Signia (and related) questions

    Coated Ambassadors over Clear Ambassadors on the toms for me, anything thicker makes them sound too muddy to my ears. The kicks really seem to like clear PS3 batters and either an ebony/white PS3 OR Aquarian Full Force on the reso side.
  17. mgdrummer

    Bonham-sized drum set comparison - Ludwig Classic Maple vs. Legacy Classic

    Varying shades of good between those two kits. There are elements of each that I really like. I’d be interested to hear their take on the difference in feel between the two shell types. Something tells me the Legacy might feel a little stiffer based on my experience with the 3 ply 70’s kits...
  18. mgdrummer

    Let’s see your Band’s bass drum logo head

    Anthem is my primary band, your typical classic rock band. We have an alter ego that is strictly a Styx tribute we call Anthem’s Grand Illusion. The two red heads were for a Queensryche tribute called Silent Lucidity that originated in the late 90’s and we revived it for a handful of shows...
  19. mgdrummer

    My incredible wife does it again! Premier Signia

    Those were Signia Marquis , no rerings