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  1. 69OysterBlue

    Keith Moon died 43 years ago today...

    Moonie is one of my all time favorites but he was struggling and well past his prime when he died. Had he lived on into his 40’s, 50’s, 60’s it would have probably been a fairly sad continued decline. His biography was a tough read - that boy was burning the candle at both ends as well as the...
  2. 69OysterBlue

    Jazz Standards - song suggestions

    One good thing that has happened as we start to emerge from the cosmic funk of COVID is that an old friend/former bandmate who plays keys and horn got back in touch and wants to re-form a jazz group. We had a trio a few years ago and it was great to play something different than the R&R...
  3. 69OysterBlue

    When a 14" or a 16" or a 18" FT just wont do...

    I'm liking 20" floor toms lately - though to find heads though.
  4. 69OysterBlue

    Gretsch Progressive Jazz Video

    I love your kit. It looks pretty familiar! Nice job with the video!
  5. 69OysterBlue

    Asking for friend How many sets is too much ?

    18 seems about right. 19 - you’ve got a hoarding problem. Snare drums is another question altogether!
  6. 69OysterBlue

    What seemingly easy song/part did you surprizingly struggle with?

    The beginning of "I'm A Man' by Chicago used to drive me nuts until I accepted that the first two three note runs in the bass intro were not complete measures (intentionally or not). If I consider that he goes back and "starts over" after those two runs, this gets pretty easy. That one bugged...
  7. 69OysterBlue

    Just found out one of my favorite drummers played on this track

    Surprising to learn but the simplicity of the groove and understated style certainly has a "Stones" vibe to it. Great song BTW!
  8. 69OysterBlue

    Ludwig Bearing Edge Restoration Question

    I’m a big fan of Precision Drum but I always buy wrap from them and apply it myself. I have wrapped 5 or 6 full kits and several individual drums over the past 10 years and feel very comfortable with the process. I built a fairly large router table and re-cut the bearing edges on a...
  9. 69OysterBlue

    Amateur first-time repair to Oyster Black Pearl wrap bass drum

    Pretty good job - actually VERY good considering that it was your first attempt. Only suggestion I would have (If you ever had to do this again) would be to remove an irregularly shaped section with rounded boundaries (no sharp corners or straight edges). I agree with a previous post that this...
  10. 69OysterBlue

    Ludwig Bearing Edge Restoration Question

    Oddly, the 9x13 bearing edges appear to be original (unless someone went to incredible lengths to re-varnish the cut edges to exzactly match the shell interiors.)
  11. 69OysterBlue

    Ludwig Bearing Edge Restoration Question

    All of the drums have 3-ply shells with re-rings and clear maple interiors. Everything looks "factory" to me as well.
  12. 69OysterBlue

    Ludwig Bearing Edge Restoration Question

    I'm looking for a little advice / guidance / group consensus relative to a kit I am currently working on. These came to me a couple of years ago and, between COVID isolation and the upcoming holidays, I will have plenty of time to get these done over the next few weeks. Quick history - I bought...
  13. 69OysterBlue

    Faces to the names

    Me with some drummer guy I ran into at The Iridium Jazz Club in Manhattan a few years ago.
  14. 69OysterBlue

    Who Gets Your No. 1 Drum Set If You're Killed By A Bus?

    I wonder about that as well. None of my three kids ever got into drums (or playing any instrument) which was always a disappointment to me. Pretty much all of my sets right now are "collectable" and represent a significant amount of money. I think I would want my wife (presuming she wasn't hit...
  15. 69OysterBlue

    Sticks-do you break them?

    I can't remember the last time I broke a stick. I play Vic Firth 5AXN and have played around with the longer Freestyle model stick as well. I do wear them out! I play a lot of rim shots and play my hats fairly aggressively with the shoulder of the stick - so the shoulder area gets chewed up and...
  16. 69OysterBlue

    Gretsch - My First Love Of Vintage Drums.

    I've recently joined the Gretsch club after finishing out this Round Badge kit. I'm chasing the tuning a little bit right now on the snare and trying out some different head combinations on the toms, but these are beautiful drums and I'm having fun trying to get my old jazz chops back up to speed.
  17. 69OysterBlue

    OT: Bourbon drinkers? Favorite Bourbon...

    Woodford Reserve is what I keep at home and is my standard "go to" Bourbon. When I can find it, Weller is also very good. When I was trying to impress my business associates (before I retired and lost my expense account), Blanton's was always my choice (once again, when you could find it)...
  18. 69OysterBlue

    Gretsch Round Badge Progressive Jazz kit finally completed

    Yes - based on the research I have done, these are early 60's drums. According to Rob Cook's "The Gretsch Drum Book", round badges were used from the 1930's through 1969.
  19. 69OysterBlue

    Can you remember who you sold your very first set to?

    Still have my original kit - Ludwig Super Classic set in Oyster Blue Pearl. Date stamps show build dates of May 1968. I got them on January 18, 1969. I converted the kit to two mounted toms in 1970. They are pretty much in pristine condition and will be the last set I would ever part with.
  20. 69OysterBlue

    Gretsch Round Badge Progressive Jazz kit finally completed

    Awesome - good luck on your search!