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  1. pwc1141

    Snare stands for tall drums

    I have used a Cadeson snare stand for decades with my 7" deep snares and it can go as low as needed ... .
  2. pwc1141

    Do You Use Charts? Or All Memory?

    I usually have set list in advance and add simple notes on whether its Swing/Samba/Bossa etc and whether its a tune for brushes. That's about it.
  3. pwc1141

    Looking for a second ride to alternate with

    If you play jazz, a flat ride is a great second ride to have for a very distinctive difference ....
  4. pwc1141

    Off topic: Watch collectors

    I did collect for a while and had Bulgari, various Cartier etc. and others but finances forced me to sell them all but one Cartier ... :(
  5. pwc1141

    Brushes on a 12" snare

    The topics on 13" snare and smaller usually speak of brush playing limitations so I thought this video of different patterns on my 12" snare might prove that it is not a problem. No, those aren't my pajamas but an Asian sarong suited to this climate :)... there is no claim that I am an expert...
  6. pwc1141

    13" Snare Drums

    The 13" snare that came with the Taye Go-Kit I used to have was never used by me as it was shallow depth and not "meaty" enough. I have been using 12" snares for decades but those have been block shells and 7" deep which easily made up for any likely loss of snare drum character of a smaller...
  7. pwc1141

    Progress As You Age

    I honestly think I play better at my advanced age than I ever did before and that is because I play less and listen more and that came from many years of playing with very good players who just wanted solid rhythmic help not flash. I learned to focus on accuracy and feel and how to get a buzz...
  8. pwc1141

    Show us your birds eye view pics

    Local custom bop kit, Brady snare, Bosphorus cymbals
  9. pwc1141

    Jacques Loussier Trio

    Been a big fan of this trio for many years and of the tasteful drummer. I have many of their concert recordings. Sadly Jacques Loussier is no longer with us.
  10. pwc1141

    How much does the shell material and construction contribute to a drum's sound?

    As has been suggested above, shell thickness and depth are all. A deep block/stave/solid wood shell has a lot more focus in my opinion and with shell vibrations at a minimum, air gets directed down to snare head and thus snare wires more efficiently for better response. Well .... that's what I...
  11. pwc1141

    Advantage/disadvantages of a 13” snare?

    I found it very easy to transition from 14" snare to even a 12" when using brushes. I use brushes every gig and never had an issue with smaller snares.
  12. pwc1141

    Tell us about some of your drumming milestones

    1: Recording a top hit with Australia's "King of Country Rock" (Jade Hurley) 2: Playing with a dixieland band in a Royal Command Performance for His Majesty The King of Thailand 3: Playing at Sacramento Jazz Jubilee with that band 4: Winning the Brisbane Jazz Fest competition with that band...
  13. pwc1141

    Advantage/disadvantages of a 13” snare?

    I have played a 12" snare for ever but deep ones at 7". and thick block shells. That combination suits anything I can throw at it. I never looked back after switching from 14" size about 30 years ago ....
  14. pwc1141

    Keeping a key at hand

    Keep 2 in my stick bag, 2 more in my snare drum case pocket and another in my cymbal bag. One can be worn around the neck. Since I never play without at least my own sticks or snare, I am covered.
  15. pwc1141

    Outdoor Gigs in Hot/Humid Weather: Solutions for sweaty/tacky hands?

    I don't have that problem but my first solution to try would be talcum powder. Cheap and easy to apply as and when needed.
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    Joke Thread

  17. pwc1141

    1900’s French Snare

    I have a very similar brass one but mine is from India I was told and was probably for marching as it has a belt holder attachment. It's 12" diameter. .
  18. pwc1141

    I want another snare, maybe

    My own personal preference is a block shell - and a deep 7". Nice woody tone and very focused. Not cheap but well worth looking at as a different sound entirely.
  19. pwc1141

    Brady Drums/Spin Doctors Fans…

    I was lucky. A buddy was selling his and I guess he was desperate as he offered it at a price that was about 1/4th of what they go for on eBay - if you can ever find one.
  20. pwc1141

    Brady Drums/Spin Doctors Fans…

    Got one too ... a Sheoak block 12 x 7's all I will ever need or want in a snare drum