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  1. RettaW75

    How many of you all play bass?

    Recently picked up this bad boy fretless this week and it sounds awesome. I have 2 other basses as well.
  2. RettaW75

    Did anyone catch the SNL musical guest last week

    I just snapped this up last weekend. It's a low end one, but it still sounds pretty good. I mostly got it cuz I love BC Rich's and I love the shape :) And it was cheap enough ;)
  3. RettaW75

    Were there additional musicians in your family? Tell us!

    My dad was considered a musical prodigy when he was little. He played the accordion, and the violin in the symphony orchestra when he was 12. He also has perfect pitch. It's quite sick LOL. My younger brother also has some musical talent and he taught himself the piano and perhaps he also has...
  4. RettaW75

    Settin Up Second Set?

    I have a 7 piece Gretsch catalina maple kit and I did have a Tama club Jam flyer cuz I wanted to try a fun little bop kit and it had awesome sound. But it turned out I didn't play the Tama much at all so I recently got rid of it. But I probably will get another kit at some point, but so far I'm...
  5. RettaW75

    How many of you all play bass?

    Its funny you post this. A lot of my drummer friends play bass and I've always wanted to try it, so since it was Black Friday, I decided to indulge and got myself this Yamaha TRBX174. It sounds pretty good :) And I got a little Fender amp cuz it was cheap too. I found an online bass course...
  6. RettaW75

    Considering a very small drum set and would like some advice.

    I got the Tama club jam flyer kit back in July and i'm really enjoying it. It's small, but it packs a punch. • 10 x 14" Bass Drum • 6 x 8" Tom Tom • 9 x 10" Floor Tom • 5 x 10" Snare
  7. RettaW75

    Do you use your 8” tom?

    I love my 8" tom. I use it a lot, but barely touch my 14 and 16" ones lol
  8. RettaW75

    Drum Gloves?

    I had to use gloves when I played my E-kit cuz I found I held my sticks tighter, and hit the pads harder, so I ended up with blisters. I love the Zildjian gloves. They're nice and soft, inside and out.
  9. RettaW75

    What’s your favorite cymbal brand and why?

    They're Remo colortone blue :) And yes they kinda do look like moongel LOL
  10. RettaW75

    What’s your favorite cymbal brand and why?

    I used to be solely Zildjian, but once I discovered the Sabian HHX complex cymbals, I fell IN LOVE!! I recently bought their cymbal pack which came with a bonus 18 crash and I LOVE ALL OF THEM. I also love my 12" AAX Aero splash.
  11. RettaW75

    If you could sell.....

    I MIGHT but ONLY if there was a kit wayyyy out of my price range and I REALLY wanted it, and knew that I could have it if I sold everything.
  12. RettaW75

    Money spent on drums!

    IMO, anything over $2K seems a little ridiculous for a kit. I know a lot of the time you're paying for the name brand of the kit, so that factors in as well. I saw a GORGEOUS sparkly Gretsch Renown kit for $2600 and winced. If it had been under $2K I very well might have considered trading in...
  13. RettaW75

    Quality Control: Which Companies Are Currently the Best and Worst?

    I have a Gretsch Catalina Maple 7 piece and I love it. No issues to report.
  14. RettaW75

    Skill level vs Gear level

    I'm a beginner/intermediate player who bought a starter EKit for my son. He ended up not playing it much after a time, but I was hooked so I went and upgraded to something better. Now I have two acoustic kits and I love learning on them. Neither of them are super expensive but I've spent more...
  15. RettaW75

    What’s your best score?

    My DTX750K kit. It's about $3700 CAD brand new, but I got it used, excellent condition, for $1200. The guy only had it for a year but then he died :(
  16. RettaW75

    Finally happened - Neighbors working from home and can't take the drums!

    Not where I live. I had a friend with drums in an apartment and the police told the person who complained that very thing. There was nothing in the contract that stated they couldn't have drums, either. My friend hasn't had a complaint since. Guess it depends on where you live. *shrug*
  17. RettaW75

    WHATS Your Next drum/music related Upgrade/Purchase?

    Saluda Ninja stack and 14" medium hybrid fusion hi-hats :) Just ordered em last week and can't wait till they get here :D
  18. RettaW75

    Finally happened - Neighbors working from home and can't take the drums!

    Ha! If you're not playing late at night, or past the noise by-law time (it's 10 or 11pm in most places) then they can suck it. Otherwise, get some low-volume cymbals and some Remo silent stroke drum heads. Problem solved. They can still suck it tho ;)
  19. RettaW75

    OT: Who Is Still Working?

    I'm still working. I clean the common areas of condos/apartments etc and we're still considered an essential service.
  20. RettaW75

    Our gear when we are gone...

    I got a practically "like new" electronic drum kit from a man who passed away. He only had the kit for a year so it was in great shape. I felt kind of bad about it, but I've played the hell out of that kit and will continue to do so for years to come. I'll enjoy it on his behalf. I hope whoever...