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    vintage premier drum set find - questions!

    ok. i was wondering the model here but im guessing APK due to the head and other things i have read. black interiors with screws. the 12 n 13 are thin straight shells. the 16 and 22 seem more heavy duty with re-rings. the serial numbers are all very close. found this at a local church sale...
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    60's Sonor d444 snare drum mystery - part 2 - drum in hand so i have pics now!

    what i know.......hoops are very magnetic....steel.......lugs are not is only slightly magnetic.....? it measures 14x4.5.....hoops are stick saver type, look like cast at a glance but arent. looks like a welded seam inside, doesnt look like great finish work. but maybe...
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    cadeson piccolo snare drum mystery - yes another one!

    so i just picked this guy up. sounds awesome. 4x13. seller listed this as either bronze or copper. if i had to guess.....copper. i guess these are hard to come by. i have never seen another. any info would be appreciated! thanks to all the great people here for helping to solve my...
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    vintage sonor snare drum - need help asap

    about to purchase this. is this a sonor shell?????? bead goes inward. hmmmm
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    my snare drum collection - (going on one year now) cheers/jeers?

    order listed may not reflect order of this quick. 1. A&F 6.5 RAW BRASS....2019 2. LUDWIG SUPRA 5X14.....90S 3. LUDWIG SUPRA BRONZE 80S-EARLY 90S 4. ROBERTS DRUM CO. MAHOGANY SHELL 8X14..2016 5. INDE KALAMAZOO 8X14 POLISHED ALUMINUM 6. SJC CUSTOM MAPLE 7X14 7. PEARL MASTERS...
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    if aliens had to come here and farm every snare drum on the planet but you were allowed to keep one....which would it be?

    many of us have multiple snares. but if you had to keep just one.....which would it be and why?
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    danny carey bronze signature 8x14 snare drum question!

    i just made a deal to buy one of these. its a 2009, the year they were first made. were they made any other years as i see they were discontinued??i waited 2 years to grab one. just trying to figure out how limited they really are?? any info on this snare would be appreciated. thanks i uploaded...
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    my SJC ex-artist owned drum kit - love!

    i didnt really see a good forum to post this in. we have a vintage forum but nothing for more modern drums? tisk tisk! anyway, im pretty proud of this aquisition. this is TIMOTHY MOLLOYS old drum kit from band..."OUR LAST NIGHT". great band and drummer. great sounding drums. love SJC. a...
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    Pearl Masters MHX Mahogany Classic Limited Edition drum find - UPDATES!

    hey guys. i bought a 12/16" then a 4 pc set to come up w all of this in one day. it was one of my greatest picks off all i have to do the heads over. going all new. suggestions for these mahogany shells? my first choice so far is coasted/clear ambassadors over clear ambassadors or...
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    ULTRA RARE! Gretsch "purewood" mahogany 4 pc drum set - not available any longer - read ad!!!!!

    INSANE PRICE. BLOWOUT! killer drums. 13,16,24 and 14x6.5..........that mahogany tone!!! limited to 30-50 kits per 2 different size configurations is what i read! do your own research i guess! overall in great shape. heads great. the 13" tom has a scratch on it and the bass drum has a long...
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    SOLD! RARE! Ludwig 14X10 "deep rock" snare drum - killer drum! $450.00 or best offer

    i will regret this but decluttering stuff now. awesome sounding snare capable of anything. finished in classic mahogany. heads/wires are good. small marks throughout but hard to see unless held up a certain way with this finish. chrome good. slight bend in bottom hoop over the snare wires (...
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    ludwig LC-481 14x10 deep rock snare question

    a recent purchase that i did some research on. but everything i have seen says its 6 ply maple. but obviously there are different color plys here......just wanted someone to confirm whats going on here. could it be maple poplar mahogany? thanks
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    pearl masters custom 7 x 13 limited snare drum mystery - help!

    hey...i bought this recently as i have a masters kit but no snare. this thing looked really cool. and i loved the size. i have provided enough pics i think for someone to identify this. everything i have read says these limited tube lug masters might be less than 30 made? who knows. i am trying...
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    RARE! pearl masters custom mmx and ludwig combo - man i love this kit.

    93-94' pearls. 8-10-12-14-16-20 pearl....80-s-90s ludwig. 14x10 ludwig. these mmx shells sound killer. the bass drum sounds like it has already ran thru studio processing and just has the deep round full even dont know how to describe drum sounds.....and lastly.....i recently...
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    SOLD!!!!!!!! steal deal!!! pork pie 6.5x14 8 pyl maple snare drum w/tag - killer deal - $200 plus ship - mint!

    bought this as a barely used store demo. head has a small group of stick marks. tag still on the drum. never ended up using it. bought a mahogany shipping to west coast can run around $50.00 or so......already did an esitimate to WA.....$54.00........crooks. but no tax here...let...
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    zildjian 14" a armand hi hats

    great shape. nice chic! great side hit for rock . top playing not this hats strength. A armands are middle to heavy weights. ( dont knw grams ) simialr to new beats. $150.00 each shipping........let me know where you live for a quote.......avg shipping for...
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    SOLD!!!! DW 9000 remote hi hat with gibraltar clamp - $220 plus shipping - read

    awesome top of the line pedal. barely used. look at footboard. small black paint chips from moving around. about an 8' cable. clamp and legs included. great condition! no longer have any use for it and really never did. impulse purchase for a rack system that wasnt set up long! $220. plus...
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    eames birch drum set purchase - just need some basic info please

    hey guys......i havent had a birch kit in years. i just purchased an eames 13,14,18,24x16 kit.........does anyone have any great head options for me and those type of drums. i like rock...i like a lower tuning but nothing crazy. and dont forget my bass drum....will at least be chagning out the...
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    SOLD!! mega rare! ludwig 7x13 brushed brass snare drum - 1 of 1? - prototype

    killer snare. easily 9 out of 10 or better since not played. just sits in a bag on a shelf. has some weight to it. i bought this from someone who got this from the chicago drum show years back. have never seen another. i dont know the specs as far as weight or the thickness of the shell. i...
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    REDUCED! rare! pearl 4 ply masters mahogany classic limited edition 8x10 tom - awesome! 2 hoops sets - read!

    10" WIDE. 8" DEEP. beautiful color. shell in nice shape along with the chrome. minor wear. could benefit from a quick cleaning and polish.....sounds killer...great shells. thin 4ply mahogany with maple rings. no longer need the drum. heads are basically new. original pearl mastercast hoops also...