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  1. Vintage Old School

    Our 19-year-old girl drummer playing "Sing, Sing, Sing" on calfskin WFLs in front of 1500.

    Fantastic! Huge fan of a big band kit as well as her playing.
  2. Vintage Old School

    Using several mics to record bass drum

    I use three mics on all my kicks: two internal, one external. Inside I use either a Audio-Technica ATM25 or a Telefunken M82 (depending on batter head selection) on a Kelly Shu PRO mount. I also use a Sennheiser e 901 boundary mic on a Kelly Shu FLATZ mount. Outside I typically use a Solomon...
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    UPS auditing system is off so maybe document your shipments

    Sounds like someone made a simple typo error on their end entering an "8" instead of a "3". Glad you got it resolved. Hats off to UPS in my region. 100% accurate deliveries and exceptional service. Local customer service has been stellar.
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    Looking for lugs...

    Reach out on Facebook to the Vintage Drums and Parts Only group. Great resource. If all else fails contact Bob Hand at AllStar Drumworks and see if Bob can replicate those lugs for you.ww
  5. Vintage Old School

    Tama 80’s Bell Brass replica

    After you did the patina effect did you do anything else to protect the shell (spraying a clear coat? Or will you allow it to continue to patina over time? Beautiful job! Congrats!
  6. Vintage Old School

    Russ Kunkel

    The single most influential drummer for me personally. Russ always plays for the music.
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    To port, or not to port, that is the question!

    I prefer non-ported for the tone of shell. To be totally up front I have a 2" port in the bottom center of my reso heads, but its sole function is to feed a jumper cable to two internal microphones. Aquarian Force I Clear on batter and Aquarian Modern Vintage with a single felt strip for reso...
  8. Vintage Old School

    Snare - Moon Gel, Gaffers tape, drum clip, wallet - What do you use?

    I do as much muffling as possible with head selection. If I need more muffling it's generally a Snareweight M1 or M80.
  9. Vintage Old School

    Flying Colors. Never heard of them. Where have I been?

    Thanks for the resource!
  10. Vintage Old School

    Flying Colors. Never heard of them. Where have I been?

    I'm a huge Dixie Dregs fan and had no idea about this new band formation. Thanks for posting!
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    OT - If you were to write a book...

    I have a movie script and children's book series in the works.
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    Time for a new cymbal bag -

    For a bullet proof cymbal bag with heavy duty YKK zippers look no further than the leather PieSafe bags made to your specs at Cymbals Only.
  13. Vintage Old School

    Hard case repair

    Make sure to get the proper glue (spray or otherwise) for the type of foam you end up using. Some glues and contact cement will turn your new foam to mush over time.
  14. Vintage Old School

    Good Day Long Story Happy ending.

    Great story with a happy ending. Congrats on the snag!
  15. Vintage Old School

    Got the Shu installed

    Here's another option. Jumper cable feeds two internal microphones on Kelly Shu mounts.
  16. Vintage Old School

    What happened to Joyful Noise Drum Co?

    I can assure you Joyful Noise is very much alive. I spoke with Curt about three weeks ago. He is busy designing some new products to add to his line and researching new manufacturing techniques. Right now he is building a new manufacturing plant and tooling up. New products should be coming...
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    About to upgrade kick drum mic’s

    The Heil PR48 is an exceptional bass drum mic! It is my third favorite bass drum mic. I currently have it serving duty on a TAMA 20 X 14" gong bass drum.
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    Sorta falling out of love with my 24-13-16 "big Bertha" Broadkaster set

    I have no experience with the Broadcaster line, but if I were to buy a Gretsch kit there is no doubt I would go with the Broadcasters. They are some seriously fine drums. When I got my Yamaha Recording Custom shell bank (24/22/20 bass drums, 12/13/14/16/18 toms) I went all in with a clean...
  19. Vintage Old School

    About to upgrade kick drum mic’s

    Of the three mic's you listed I would go with the Shure Beta 52. I'm not a fan of the Audix D6 scoop--but if that is the sound you actually prefer then you might consider it. The Sennheiser e 902 sounds too thin to my ear. I prefer hearing more tone from the shell, so my nod goes to the Beta...
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    Kelly Shu

    I have both the Kelly Shu PRO and Kelly Shu FLATZ mounts installed in my three bass drums. Running either an Audio-Technica ATM25 or Telefunken M82 microphone with a Sennheiser e 901 boundary microphone. Feeding the custom mic jumper cable through a 2-inch Bass Drum O's Hole Ring.