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    Amazon right the first time

    It seems some have had bad luck with Amazon. i received a Pearl Reference set today, both boxes and everything in good shape. There were stickers and tape all over saying it is a multi volume set, do not separate. Another thing is Fedex and UPS were not involved. It was a different freight...
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    Which Ludwig snare is this?

    Hi, can you tell what model this is? Thank you, Mitch
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    Do you or have you used Evans EC Resonate Head?

    Hi, did you like them? Did they muffle or choke the drum too much? Any other comments are welcome. I am thinking of those with G2 batters. Thanks
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    Ludwig Clubdate advice

    Hi everyone, does anyone have an idea what a fair price for a mid 60s Club Date in WMP would be? 12,14, 20 and a non Ludwig snare. I think I would like to make an offer minus the snare. Thank you
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    Price check on aisle 3 please

    Hello everyone. Does anyone have any insight on a fair price for a 1967 Ludwig 3 ply 22/13/16 3 piece, black oyster? I am looking at one to possibly purchase. Thanks for your help.
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    Rogers Price check please

    Hello, what do you guys think is a fair price for a 1972 Rogers Holiday set, 4 piece including metal snare in excellent condition minus some tension rods that are not original. Sizes are 22, 13, 16, 6.5 snare. i am looking to purchase. Thanks for the help. Mitch
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    Mixed color drum sets

    Hi, I am new here, my name is Mitch. Do any of you have nice kits that may be mixed in colors from drum to drum? It seems I saw a few in concerts from different pros for a while but haven't noticed it recently. I think Abe from Paul McCartney did it for a while but I could be wrong. I was...