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    Question for brush masters, Got it!

    Ed Soph has a series of 7 videos on brush technique. He makes a point of mastering each video before preceding to the next. Part 2 of seven is mia. Can anyone tell me what pattern and accent he is doing with the left hand sweep, which is what is covered in tape 2? Thanks! Ed
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    Meinl 22” Big Apple Jazz Ride

    Near mint, 2400 plus grams. Thanks Ed
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    Murat Diril 15” Mosaic Hi Hats SOLD Excellent condition, medium thin weights, exact gram weight and sound file not available. Dark, crisp and versatile.In the review above the line is referred to as the ‘speckled’ series. SOLD Thanks Ed
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    4x14” solid shell snare drum

    Looking for single ply piccolo in great shape. Maple or mahogany perhaps. Thanks
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    WTT: 14” Zildjian Trans Stamp Hi Hat pair for Meinl Dark Apple Hi Hats

    Trans stamp are thin with moderate edge and hole wear. Sound and look great. Looking for Meinl 15” big apple dark hi hat set with smooth edges and light weight. Thanks Ed
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    K con 22” medium ride/16”crash; looking for Meinl big apple 15” hats

    Zildjian k cons are both in excellent condition with smooth edges and round holes. Looking for Meinl big apple dark 15” hats with smooth edges and round holes.Crash is 1056g and ride is 2764g. For sale on EBay.
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    Zildjian 21” Big Band Ride Cymbal

    P.M. please if you have one for sale with smooth edges. Thanks Ed
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    WTB Meinl 14” Jazz Tradition Hi Hats

    Excellent condition with completely smooth edges and perfectly round hole. Thanks!
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    WTB Sabian 14” artisan elite hi hats

    Looking for a used near mint set. Thanks Ed
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    WTB Meinl Byzance 14” tradition hi hats

    Looking for a used, like new, set of Meinl tradition hi hats. Thanks Ed
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    Sidekick 20x12” bass drum

    Or other virgin 20x12” bass drum for bikini kit. Thanks Ed
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    20” Mini bell 2000 gram range

    Smooth edges, round hole. Perhaps Sabian HH or Carl Allen. Don’t think Zildjian made any this light except the recent prototype which I’m not interested in. Thanks Ed
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    WTB Zildjian K Constantinople 20” Medium Ride Cymbal

    Clean edges, 2050 gram range. PM me if you have one. Thanks Ed
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    WTB Sabian or Zildjian mini cup/bell 20” ride ( on the light side)

    Smooth edges, 2300 or less grams. Thanks! Ed
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    Zildjian ‘Take Five’ cymbal

    Can you tell me the difference between the ‘Take Five’ cymbal and the Zildjian 20” A medium ride? Thanks
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    WTB: Sidekick 12”x20” bass drum

    or another similar virgin 12x20” bass drum, near mint. Thanks Ed
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    Zildjian A 20” medium ride cymbal (new style)

    Mint condition, new style from 2013 and on. thanks
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    Zildjian A 14” 1980’s ‘Light’ Hi Hats

    Looking for a clean set of 1980’s Zildjian A 14” Hi Hats marked ‘Light’. Thanks
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    WTB Sabian 14” Artisan Light Hi Hats

    Near mint condition Thanks
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    Zildjian 19” kerope minicup prototype ride cymbal