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    A&F Rudeboy 13X3, how are things holding up in 2021?

    Hello Everyone, I stumbled across a very nice looking A&F aged brass 13x3 Rudeboy at a local shop. I saw these a while back but never took a second look due to price. Now that I've actually seen one in person I'm really digging it. I've read the other posts about A&F and I understand there have...
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    Please help me pick a new crash/ride.

    Hello Everyone, I'm been playing a 20" A custom projection crash as my main crash/ride for near 10 years now. It sounds fantastic but it's way too loud. I did hours of research online and picked up an uptown ride. Amazing ride, might be one of the best I've ever heard. Dry ping, and wonderful...
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    Down to a 2 piece kit, need help picking a floor tom.

    Hello Everyone, I've had a hate/tolerate relationship with toms my entire life. I started with 8, 10, 12, 14 ages ago and have slowly removed toms as the years have gone by. When I joined my current band I made the jump to a single 14" floor tom simply for the sake of portability. Since then...