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    Most Offhanded Compliment

    While in music school in the 90’s I was playing in one of the performance rooms and Doane Perry (Jethro Tull’s drummer) walks in and listens for a bit. When I finish he said, “I didn’t know they put a double bass pedal in this room” to which I replied “they didn’t”. He then said “you’ve got a...
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    Gretsch USA Square Badge Kit 10, 16FT, 22BD

    Your 80’s Gretsch bass drums’ appearance is in a lot better shape than mine! According the guy I bought my 80’s Gretsch kit from almost 30 years ago it used to belong to Matt Chamberlin and the finish was pretty beat up by the time I got them. Drums sound great though . Anyway, I thought your...
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    Gretsch USA Square Badge Kit 10, 16FT, 22BD

    Do you know approximately what vintage the drums are? According to the Gretsch website the badges indicate 1980 but based on thier overall appearance they seem much newer.
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    What Was The Last Rock Show You Saw?

    Classic Albums Live Abbey Road in September. Have a 15 month old baby at home so live shows have been few and far between for awhile.
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    McCartney Drummers

    Back in the early 90’s when I was attending Musicians Institute, a bunch of friends (a lot of them drummers) and I used to go see Abe perform in bars in Hollywood all the time. We would get there early to hear sound check and were all totally enamored with his and his band’s playing. He was...
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    DW Inks Endorsement Deal with PR Nightmare Tommy Lee

    I was a 13 year old kid wandering around an outdoor Rod Stewart concert in the early 80s when I saw Tommy Lee sitting in between two beautiful blond women near some concession stands. ”Shout at the Devil” was one of the first albums I bought and learned the drums to so I was pretty excited to...
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    1st song you ever learned

    First song learned on drums was Back In Black - AC/DC First song performed live in front of an audience with a band was Come Together (Aerosmith version).
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    Thinking of trading my 20” AA Rock Ride and 14” 2002 Sound Edge hihats

    I’m thinking of trading my 20” AA Rock Ride and 14” 2002 Sound Edge hihats. They are in excellent / very good condition. I bought them a long time ago (probably in the 00’s) and just didn’t / don’t use them very much. If either or both are of interest to you let me know, I am opened to offers...
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    Istanbul Agop Sultan Crash 16”

    I would love to hear a sample if it’s not too much trouble.
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    Sweet K 23"... any thoughts?

    I picked up a 23” K Sweet from my local Sam Ash a couple of weeks ago on sale. Haven’t had too much time to play it but I really like it so far. It works well with my new 24/13/16 Ludwig Legacy mahogany kit.
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    What’s your favorite stick?

    Power Tools Model 3 and Model 4. Unfortunately they haven't made them in decades. Still haven't found anything I like as much.
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    Coolest drummer you ever met?

    Had the honor of meeting many amazing drummers but the coolest would have to be Joe Porcaro. He was one of my teachers at Musicians Institute in Hollywood Ca. back in the early 90’s. In group class he would play excercises from his book and it was so groovy and musical. He would get excited and...