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  1. DuplexTim

    Ok, Uber Rare Duplex BOP Kit!

    As my name suggests, I gotta “thing” for Duplex drums! Well, scored this baby locally-ish and man o man! When I get them refurbished, they’re going to be super cool. In all my years of owning and refurbishing Duplex kits I’ve only seen a picture of one of these once! Now I own a Spirit Of St...
  2. DuplexTim

    Finally! A Duplex Spirit of St Louis!

    After much consideration I have finally purchased a Duplex “Spirit Of St Louis” Snare to go with my Duplex kit. Having wanted one for years so aft saving has arrived! I’ve been doing research on Duplex and this particular drum. Very cool history! Can’t wait to clean it up and use it...
  3. DuplexTim

    Duplex Drums back home! Have you ever bought back a drum set?

    Hey all...been a long minute since I posted but last week I bought back my 1930’s Duplex kit from a wonderful collector I sold to him 5 years ago. I told him “if you ever decide to sell them, give me first shot”. And he did!!! Wonderful guy and a major collector. I’m very blessed! This kit...
  4. DuplexTim

    Set of Paiste 404's $150 - SOLD!

    Howdy All, Set of Vintage Paiste 404 Mediums. The Hi Hats are in excellent condition, the 20" ride also in very good condition. The 20" is the only serial numbered of the set. The 18" previous owner drilled it for rivets (not installed). It also has some small flea bites on the edge, denting...
  5. DuplexTim

    Geo Way Snare Drum - SOLD

    Up for sale is a Geo Way Snare Drum. I believe it's a "Rialto" model. 6 lugs. 5x14. No extra holes. I don't know if the hoops are original and I'm sure the throw is NOT original. About the Drum: I got this with another kit and it had been stripped of it's original finish and heads were very...
  6. DuplexTim

    Roger's Big R Dynasonics for Sale. SOLD

    Hey all, I have a Rogers Big R Dynasonic's for sale. Dyna COB S#730939. Has one war wound. Not huge and no dent, just chrome wound. New rail/replacement snares, new heads. Otherwise, a clean drum. $225+$25 flat rate shipping, lower 48 US only, paypal only. I have more pics if you would...
  7. DuplexTim

    Snare Cleaning Day!!!

    Finally getting to those back logged cleaning projects! Early Big R Dyna. 1976 My first drum! 1976/77 Acro. Returned the internal tone control I took out 20+ years ago and gave her a good clean/lube. 1960’s late, Premier Royal Ace 4”x14”. Wow! They each have their own character. Love...
  8. DuplexTim

    Gretsch Cyclops Bass Drum Anchor - When were they introduced?

    Hey All, When was the Gretsch Cyclops introduced? Can't find it in the resources? Thanks, Tim
  9. DuplexTim

    Rogers Ultimate Power 8

    Finished this BEAST recently! It is now super clean! The previous owner had stored them in an attic for years! Thankfully everything was solid! New heads and BOOM! Craig Krampf could play this!!!
  10. DuplexTim

    Finally finished my Gretsch Name Band!

    Been too busy lately to post, But just finished my latest Gretsch Name Band. My second! It was pretty rough when I got it and had to get a bunch of parts (not cheap!). But the edges were solid and the bones were good. Also came with a 3ply Renown RB snare! The snare is the weak link IMO...
  11. DuplexTim

    Gretsch RB mahogany?

    So I started this Name Band project and I started sanding off the wretched blue paint only to find mahogany! Every Jasper shell Ive ever seen has been maple. I knew everyone else did mahogany under wraps... but Gretsch? Its a Renoun model bty Any Gretsch experts have any thoughts?
  12. DuplexTim

    Finished my MONSTER Rogers Ultimate Power 8

    Just finished this beast! Excellent (now)! 24x2, 12,13,14,15,16+xtra 16 and (not pictured) a 5x14 early big r dyna. Most likely for sale but too big to ship! So Ill play em!!
  13. DuplexTim

    Trixon Snare Strainer

    UPDATE: NO Longer's found a new home! Hey all, looking for this part to fix my Trixon snare. Let me know if you have one or a line on one! THANKS
  14. DuplexTim

    Trixon Snare Strainer fix

    Hey guys, Anyone know where I could find some Trixon snare drum strainer parts? I have just aquired a 1/440 snare drum and it's all very cool....EXCEPT the stupid PLASTIC snare strainer. One side is metal and the other grey plastic. Also the snares are mounted in plastic. And of course the...
  15. DuplexTim

    Ludwig Vistalites in Black

    Drum Forum Friends! Been a while since I did any projects...but with fall in the air and the days getting shorter, I'm accumulating my fall/winter projects! OK, so here's a first for me.... Just picked up some Vistalites in black (b/o badges). 24", 13, 14, 15, 16. Double headed but with...
  16. DuplexTim

    Need help- Sonor Pancake Snare...snare problem

    Hey all... so I recently picked up a mid 60's Sonor pancake snare in great condition. So I go to change the heads and put on new snares and for the life of me, I can't get any snare to actually make contact with the head. The snare bed looks almost nonexistent but it looks factory. At first I...
  17. DuplexTim

    SOLD!!! 1967/8 Gretsch Round Badge "Name Band" Kit w/'67 Ludwig Acrolite - Price Drop

    Selling my 1968-ish Gretsch Round Badge "Name Band" Drum Set. 13, 16, 20 - made in Brooklyn, NY 1967 Ludwig Acrolite $1399 When I got these, they were physically solid, but cosmetically in sad shape. The Gold Satin was in terrible shape (pics available). It was basically all there, but needed a...
  18. DuplexTim

    SOLD! Slingerland 1966/1970 Jam Session with 16" floor tom! Champagne Sparkle!!

    Up for sale is a 1966 Slingerland "Jam Session" kit with a floor tom that was added sometime later. There is only one date stamp on the 12" tom (November 1966). Sizes are 20", 12, 16 and 5x14 six lug snare. All have chocolate interiors (Slingerland started painting the interiors in October...
  19. DuplexTim

    GREAT people on DFO!!!!!

    Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Rich K from Savanna GA! Needed a t-rod for my Slingerland kit and HE GAVE IT TO ME FOR FREE! I've been looking everywhere and trying different solutions and then....out of the kindness of his heart.....gave it to me. Wouldn't let me pay for it...
  20. DuplexTim

    Slingerland Jam Session plus almost done!

    Almost done getting this Jam Session back up and running after 25+ years of neglect. This is a November, 1966 Jam Session with a 1970, added ft. All have chocolate interiors. 3 ply. 20, 12, 16, 5x14 6 lugger. This is the only sparkle kit I've ever owned. Still need one tension rod for...