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  1. Tcat

    Would you return it? Is this normal?

    I recently purchased a new K Constantinople Renaissance Ride and I noticed that there seems to be a VERY noticeable weight disparity within the cymbal. I own and have owned many cymbals so I understand that some weight disparity is normal. The cymbal does not seem warped but man as the cymbal...
  2. Tcat

    *SOLD* 21” K Custom Dark Complex Ride

    Hi.. For sale is a Zildjian 21” K Custom Dark Complex Ride in excellent condition. Has some stick marks and minimal fingerprints...otherwise no keyholing or dents. Has scratch I noticed from pictures at 9 o’clock...surface scratch only....likely came that way from factory. $285 shipped to...
  3. Tcat

    Drumming quirks, hangups

    While thinking about my current cymbal setup, Zildjians, I contemplated using one of my Sabian rides but quickly dismissed that notion because I don’t like to mix cymbal setups. I have my fair share of Sabian and Zildjians but my OCD won’t let me mix them in the same setup. I understand it’s...
  4. Tcat

    Pearl Icon Rack,Hi-Hat Stand, Pearl Eliminator 2002 Pedal *SOLD*

    Hi, I am looking to sell some unused drum hardware(no shipping...sorry) Pear Icon Rack- Pear Hi-hat stand - (Sold) Pearl Eliminator Pedal...
  5. Tcat

    Buying From Canada(To US)

    I am contemplating purchasing a snare from a dealer in Canada off of Reverb. I am curious as to how import taxes etc. are calculated and enforced. Is it a large expensive making the purchase prohibitive? Any advice from cross border buyers is welcome. Thanks
  6. Tcat

    *Sold* Mapex Saturn III SE (Walnut\Birch) in Ocean Fade

    Hi, I am selling my Mapex Saturn Special Edition in Ocean Fade finish. I acquired a Tama Star last year and haven’t played the this kit in a while. The condition I would describe as near mint, with some pedal rash. Sizes are 8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 14x14FT, 16x16FT, 22x18BD. The mounting hardware is...
  7. Tcat

    Meinl Cymbals - Vintage Pure HH*SOLD*

    Looking to sell my small collection of Meinl Cymbals. All less than 1 year old. Meinl 14" Vintage Pure Hi hats - Asking $275 ***SOLd*** Meinl 22" Symmetry Ride - Asking $300 ****SOLD**** Meinl 18" Jazz Thin Crash(has fingerprints) - Asking $175***SOLD*** Thanks much