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  1. poot

    Vic Firth brushes... turned to goo in my hands

    Was rehearsing a nice ballad, and when we finished my hands felt sticky. Looked down and they were smeared with tar. The rubber seal on the "pull rod" side of the brush housing had disintegrated into goo. You can see a big gob of it towards the triangle end of the pull rod. Hadn't used these...
  2. poot

    OT - Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?

    Neither. Next time you make tuna salad, use olive oil instead of mayo. You might never go back!
  3. poot

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Danny Seraphine overplayed to the point of obnoxiousness.
  4. poot

    OT: Science Experiment Looks Like Cymbals

    Check this out from Dutch artist Loes Modderman. She mixes chemicals and minerals and then photographs them through her microscope. She's made some amazing, world-class art!
  5. poot

    Shipping whole drumsets

    No, you missed the point.
  6. poot

    Shipping whole drumsets

    Just received this feedback from a buyer: "packaging was excellent, it took me an hour to open." Priceless. Reckon I did this one about right. ;)
  7. poot

    We've Never Tackled The Greatest Drumming Movies of All Time?

    This one is tops. Great, compelling plot, film noir style shot in black and white. Shelly Manne has a cameo role drumming in a studio scene.
  8. poot

    Shipping whole drumsets

    What JP said. I just spent six hours packing a 13/13/16/22 kit for shipment to the UK. I couldn't nest the two 13" toms for obvious reasons. To get the package under the USPS 108" maximum dimensional (girth + height) limit, yet still provide a bulletproof pack job, I had to trim off the box...
  9. poot

    Working Past Gear Acquisition Syndrome

    Man, you nailed it.
  10. poot

    Working Past Gear Acquisition Syndrome

  11. poot

    I Stink at Painting Hoops

    I'm using Ace lacquer primer + gloss paint, allowing a full week to ensure previous coats are completely dry. I've been advised to sand it down again and make sure that no finger oils taint the surface. Then apply shellac to seal any previous coats, so that a fresh coat of paint won't cause a...
  12. poot

    I Stink at Painting Hoops

    What is causing the rough spots? There are several layers of primer and paint on this old hoop. Before spraying, I sanded it completely smooth using 400 grit paper followed by steel wool, then wiped it down carefully with a dry cloth. The rough spots appeared immediately upon spraying. Is it a...
  13. poot

    WTB: 16" Slingerland COS sticksaver rim

    Hi, I'm looking for one 16" Slingerland COS sticksaver rim from the 1960s or 70s. Anyone?
  14. poot

    Relaxing Music with Tabla • 9 hours

    Zakir is an absolute master! If you prefer a fusion of traditional and electric instruments, check out 24-year-old bassist Mohini Dey. She is an absolute monster! Jaco who? "Musicians such as Guthrie Govan, Dave Weckl, Jordan Rudess, Steve Vai, Mike Stern, George Brooks and Narada Michael Walden...
  15. poot

    Relaxing Music with Tabla • 9 hours

    Welcome and thanks for sharing. I've developed a strong affinity for Indian classical music. Takes me to a different, peaceful place.
  16. poot

    OT: Paintless Dent Removal (Automotive)

    That would be fine until I had to deal with “Karen.”
  17. poot

    OT: Paintless Dent Removal (Automotive)

    I am leaning towards the pros. I could probably get a junker hood or trunk lid to practice on, but I don’t really have the time to perfect the technique.
  18. poot

    OT: Paintless Dent Removal (Automotive)

    My minivan has some door dents that might be suitable for paintless dent removal. I'm considering getting one of those kits on Amazon and trying it myself. Has anyone had success with DIY? Or better left to the pros?
  19. poot

    I think I need a new snare drum

  20. poot

    WTB: Ludwig 5/16" curved spur

    Great, thanks!