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  1. storsav

    For Sale Sonor Hilite Exclusive 8-piece drum set with Hardware and Extras $7500

    For Sale Sonor Hilite Exclusive 8-piece drum set with Hardware and Extras Full Photo Album here: Time to sell my super rare Sonor HE drums. Sizes (diameter x depth): 8x8, 10x9, 12x10, 13x11, 14x15, 16x17, 22x17, 14x7. Drums are finished in black lacquer with all...
  2. storsav

    ***SOLD*** Beato Pro 1 bags 14x18, 14x14, 8x12, 5x14 Like New $200 Also, 16x18 Pro 1 tom or bd bag $60

    I've got some great Beato Pro 1 bags for sale. The bop sizes set is 14x18 (might fit a 16 long, but not sure. I can always measure for you), 14x14, 8x12 (oversized for suspension mount) and 5x14. All are Like New. $200 plus shipping, would consider separating for the right prices. Also have...
  3. storsav

    Protection Racket 16 x 16 bass drum bag, will fit 18 x 18 floor tom too like new $100 shipped in U.S.

    For sale is a like new Protection Racket 16 x16 bass drum bag. See details here: The internal dimensions allow for an 18 x 18 floor tom easily. The outer height of the case is about 21 inches. I'm not totally confident an 18...
  4. storsav

    Swap my 16 x 22 Beato Pro 1 for your 14 x 22 Pro 1 VG/Exc

    I’ve got a 16x22 Beato Pro1 bag in VG/Ex condition. I need a Pro 1 that’s 14x22. Thanks.
  5. storsav

    SOLD Sonor Signature drum cymbal stands super rare $100 and up

    I've got some very hard to fins Sonor Signature stands and attachments. Details in the link below. Prices depend on what you're after exactly. Shipping cost tbd. Thanks.
  6. storsav

    SOLD Sonor Signature Lite 8 x 14 snare drum birch bubinga EXC. $1000

    For sale is a Sonor Signature snare drum 8 x14. Drum is in excellent condition. Details in the link below. Contact with questions. $1000 plus shipping. Thanks!
  7. storsav

    My 20 inch bass drum heads for your 22s...

    I need some good 22 bass drum heads. Newish is preferred as mine mostly are new, but even good condition used might work. See pics for what you'd like to trade. List is below too. I'm really only into Evans, Aquarian, or Remo heads coming back. Thanks. All REMO: Fiberskyn 3 FA Powersonic Clear...
  8. storsav

    Sonor Designer 12, 14, 20 Maple $1000 SOLD

    I've got a set of Sonor Designers for sale. SOLD! The Craigslist ad has more details.
  9. storsav

    FS: Yamaha 18 inch bass drum hoops with riser cut out. $100

    I bought these for an 18 bass drum project that may never see the light of day, so I thought Id see if theres any interest in a rare set of 18 bass drum hoops. I remember seeing these bass drum riser hoops around the mid 90s but maybe someone knows better. Theres the factory cu out for the pedal...
  10. storsav

    SOLD: Black and Silver Sparkle Drum Wrap for whole set, lots of sizes!

    For sale is a set of precut drum wrap I purchased a few years ago for a project never realized. The sparkle color is really cool and subtle. It looks silvery or black depending on the angle. Its from Jammin Sam and is called JS Black and Silver Sparkle, pictured here...
  11. storsav

    Anyone have a Music123 coupon they don't need? Looking to make a purchase...

    Just thought I'd see if anyone had a Music 123 coupon they won't be able to use and wanted to pass along. Thanks.
  12. storsav

    Anyone have a Music123 coupon they don't need? Looking to make a purchase...

    Just thought I'd see if anyone had a Music 123 coupon they won't be able to use and wanted to pass along. Thanks.
  13. storsav

    *SOLD* Sonor Designer 1994 Real Birdseye Maple Light, 10, 12, 13, 15, 20 $3000

    *SOLD* For sale is a Sonor Designer Maple Light from 1994. Sizes are: 8 x 10, 8 x 12, 9 x 13, 11 x 15, 16 x 20. These early Designers represent a great bridge between the classic Link-era Signatures and the later Designers and SQ2. For example early Designers like this have features not...
  14. storsav

    Sabian Cymbal Disc 6"

    Looking for a 6 inch Sabian Cymbal Disc. Fair price paid. ;) Thanks.
  15. storsav

    Help and I want to play classic 80's drum sounds with my acoustic set

    Looking for something easy to play live that would have classic 80's drum sounds, maybe some program-ability too. I'd like to be able to trigger through a few pads around the set and/or a pad set (SPD, or KAT). Maybe do triggering on the acoustic drums too, not sure as I'd need at least 6-8...
  16. storsav

    Does Music 123 do coupons? Anybody got a coupon code?

    Sorry for the strange topic, but there's something I want to buy and I wonder if they do send out coupon codes. I think they have when I purchased before, but my last purchase was about two years ago. Any help?
  17. storsav

    SOLD: Evans 360 G12 Clear, 2 each--8, 10, 12. New in boxes. $60 shipped in U.S.

    I have six new Evans G12 clear heads. 8, 10, 12 two of each. I'd prefer to sell them as a set for $60 shipped in U.S. Paypal gift please. Nothing wrong with them, but I'm playing a lot of older Sonors and the 360 heads don't seat very well on the undersized shells with seamless hoops. Thanks.
  18. storsav

    "Love For Sale" post your best version!

    I love this song and especially the way Buddy plays it. Soft and nuanced at times and rolling thunder at others. Great tune. I was looking at a few different versions. Curious to see if there's a "definitive" version out there on Youtube or recording, Buddy or otherwise. Please post your...
  19. storsav

    SOLD Sonor SQ2 White Pearl Wrap Vintage Beech Shells 10, 12, 14, 20 $3000

    Details below. Of course we can deal off eBay too. Thanks.
  20. storsav

    **SOLD**Late 80's early 90's Yamaha Bass Drum Muffling Pads $20

    I have this set of Yamaha pads from the early 90's that fit in the bass drum. IIRC, these were precursors to the padding pillows currently offered by Evans etc. You would affix these to the shell as needed for more or less muffling. I think I remember Weckl doing a print ad for these, but can't...