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  1. greggp

    Snare beds effect on a drum

    Snare beds are important. If you have a table saw and a small Stanley SurForm (the small plastic yellow one), you can cut and shape them yourself. I suggest that you cut to no more than 3/16" deep, but make them at least twice as wide as the wires. I usually tail the bed out to the lug on...
  2. greggp

    Favorite strainer

  3. greggp

    finally found surgical tubing for snare stand

    I agree with xsabers. I posted about Booty Shakers when they were introduced: I have since seen them in person. I remain a firm believer in the Herbert Simon concept of "satisficing" and I'm not currently...
  4. greggp

    New project and 16" kick questions.

    I'm fully aware of the geometry issues; I have made bushings for the small lugs before. I'm actually leaning toward the big beavertails myself because they are very sexy. I'm probably going to paint this drum the same color as my Leedy snare project, so Leedy hardware isn't bothering me so...
  5. greggp

    New project and 16" kick questions.

    I thought about posting in the builders' workshop, but my questions are more aesthetic than technical. I got this old Slingerland 12"x16" parade snare shell long ago. It appears to have been originally equipped with 8 9-1/4" tube lugs, which were long gone. Also, an orangutan sloshed white...
  6. greggp

    8 lug, 18" floor tom question....

    There is another fairly simple way (although I have a layout mat). Get a piece of butcher paper and wrap it around the drum. Draw a line down the edge of the paper on the layer of paper underneath. Take the paper off, and lay it flat. Measure the distance from the edge to the mark. Divide...
  7. greggp

    So I finished this snare today.

    :) And, I still have that fabulous Ufip ride cymbal I got from you. I think it's my favorite.
  8. greggp

    Live streaming?

    Set up an account on
  9. greggp

    So I finished this snare today.

    Well, I put on the American Vintage head for pictures because it was almost new except for a few stick marks and a couple of blood stains, and when I played it the drum did not disappoint: it sounded like all snare drums with an Am Vint batter head. Those heads have a nice warm tone on toms and...
  10. greggp

    So I finished this snare today.

    I suppose this could go in VV or BW, but really, it's just a project. It started when I realized that the bottom re-ring in an old Leedy 12x14 tack bottom tom was loose from the shell. The shell was early 40s, so it had a maple interior and exterior, and I thought I could make a snare out of...
  11. greggp

    Leedy and Ludwig Restoration

    I had exactly the same experience, and I was looking for a 16x16 BDP Leedy or L&L. If the BDP is in good shape, it is IMO some of the best looking wrap that anybody ever made. I agree it would be a shame to strip that wrap off an undisturbed Leedy FT. I usually don't care, but with drums...
  12. greggp

    Natural maple finish Gretsch: when did it begin?

    I've always been fond of natural maple finish drums, probably from the time I first saw pictures of Ringo, John Bonham, and Carmine Appice with them. I'm aware that Camco had a natural maple finish almost, if not from the beginning, Ludwig started offering Thermo-Gloss sometime around 1968-69...
  13. greggp

    OT - Where would you go?

    Don't listen to him. It's terrible here. Don't come.
  14. greggp


    What a maroon. It reminds me of the old Rodney Dangerfield joke: "I had an uncle who worked in a bank; he got fired for stealing pens." This guy is wasting his time for chump change. He should be selling credit default swaps; that's where the real money is.
  15. greggp

    I will admit it: I am a "Supra" 400/402 guy!

    One thing I've always noticed about Supras is that they don't feel like other snare drums when you play them, even with similar heads. The rebound is just as fast, but it's softer, and it doesn't jolt your hand, wrist, and forearm.
  16. greggp

    The Bonham Bass Drum Triplet

    Are you using a Speed King? If so, then you can try making a little platform out of a couple of 2"x4"x4" pieces of wood on sitting on each side of the heel plate bridged over by a 2"x1/4" piece of molding or baseboard for your heel to rest on. It flattens out the angle in your ankle. If...
  17. greggp

    No one wants to sell me a strainer

    Ludwig has a new P-83 strainer out. It looks like the Gibraltar piccolo. Doesn't matter, I called Bentley's and ordered a repro Broadway strainer.
  18. greggp

    dawn bath for nickel parts

    You may not want to leave it more than a day. If you leave it on too long, you could get a white alkaline crust on it, and then you'll have to soak it in vinegar.
  19. greggp

    No one wants to sell me a strainer

    that is, hat is, no one seems serious about it.<br style="font-family: verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13.5px;"><br style="font-family: verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13.5px;">I've been working...
  20. greggp

    Help Needed - Slingerland 1970 Niles Badge Gold Sparkle kit

    That's a nice kit, and while $500 may be a little high in my view, I haven't been looking lately. I have heard that it's getting harder to find relatively untouched vintage kits for that price. As far as I know, there is no '71 Slingerland catalog. The company was sold by the family to a...