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    looking for low-pitched but not too trashy 20" jazz ride

    Istanbul Agop SE Jazz rides are often low-pitched for their size.
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    Unicorn Gear Purchase?

    Drum Center of Portsmouth is clearing out their Sakaes. They have a pink oyster kit with a different-sized floor tom than the eBay kit (14”). They‘re selling an orphan tom in another finish, so maybe they’d be willing to sell just the bass...
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    Unicorn Gear Purchase?

    A thin 24” Turkish-made ride with a low profile, wide bell, low fundamental pitch and no weird overtones. A replacement hexagonal pull rod for my Sonor hi-hat stand where the chrome isn’t flaking off, so I won’t cut myself if I touch the wrong part.
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    So tell me why you love (or hate) Paiste 602's

    My only experience with 602s is with the vintage ones. I always found them to be too bright, which is probably the same reason why others love them.
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    Mehteran Cymbals

    I just discovered them, too. Here’s their website: Sounds Anatolian is selling them on Reverb. They are priced less than other handmade Turkish brands. For example, a 22” Mehateran costs $322 shipped, which is less than a Bosphorus traditional ($362) or a...
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    22” Istanbul Mehmet ride cymbal, relathed by Heather Stine

    Cell phone video. Sorry it's the best I can do.
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    22” Istanbul Mehmet ride cymbal, relathed by Heather Stine

    22” Mehmet Original ride. Originally weighed 2330 grams. Heather Stine relathed the top and now it weighs 2212 grams. Relating the top removed the ink and the cold stamp. Excellent condition. $250 + shipping from Portland, OR 97202.
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    14” (under 16”) crash recommendations? - or just play an open hat?

    Agop makes 14" crashes in thin and paper thin. The sell for $211.75. Amazon has paper thin 14" Mehmet and Bosphorus crashes for much less, but both of them are out-of-stock, so you'd have to order them and hope Amazon fills the order later...
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    14” (under 16”) crash recommendations? - or just play an open hat?

    For recommendations, I'd go with something thin and bright, probably fully lathed. I think all the cymbal-makers have something that would fit the bill.
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    14” (under 16”) crash recommendations? - or just play an open hat?

    A 14" makes a nice alternative to a splash if you don't like splashes. I have a thin 14" 1950s A. Zildjian in one set-up and a thin 15" Bosphorus in another for that reason. I place them on a mini-boom right above my hats. I can easily hit it while playing the hats.
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    What is Your Cymbal Setup?

    14" Istanbul Mehmet Legend hihat top over a 14" Bosphorus Dark hihat top 16" Turkish Classic crash 18" Bosphorus Traditional crash 20" Pasha by Grand Master Paper Thin ride 24" Istanbul Mehmet Legend ride 22" Istanbul Mehmet Turk Swish
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    Cymbal Weight Equivalence

    Funny, that's almost exactly what you get if you use the area method. Of course, the bell really screws things up anyway, because most manufacturers seem to use the same size bell for a 20" and 22" (and even a 24") within the same model. If all cymbals were flats, this would be a much easier...
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    Cymbal Weight Equivalence

    It's not completely accurate, because it doesn't take into account the height, the curvature of the profile, how the cymbal tapers, how much of the weight is in the bell, etc., but a quick-and-dirty approach is to compare the diameters squared. So to compare a 22" to a 20", multiply the weight...
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    Songs with integral hi hat barks

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    SOLD K. Zildjian Istanbul 14” Hi Hats 860/874h

    In my opinion, those are just about the perfect weights for 14" hi hats.
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    Fans of the crash of doom

    Some other alternatives to a Crash of Doom are a thin-to-medium thin Dream Bliss or an Agop Xist Dry Dark crash. I've had both. Both were trashier than the CoD I once had, but none were as trashy as my 20.5" Wuhan Spizz. Most Wuhan Spizzes are heavy manhole covers, but I was lucky enough to...
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    eBay/Craigslist cymbal alerts - the official thread

    If you're near Roanake, VA, here are two vintage 24" Zildjians for $200 each. Seller does not ship.
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    eBay/Craigslist cymbal alerts - the official thread

    If you're near Baltimore, this is a great deal, a 22" Zildjian China (possibly a swish) for $120. If you're outside of the area, shipping can be expensive: 22" vintage Pasha (UFIP). $80 if...
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    I finally found a "bad" Bosphorus cymbal

    One of the worst cymbals I've ever played was a Bosphorus, a 16" thin Turk crash. When struck, it produced a quick quiet KAK sound that immediately decayed. Playing an actual pie tin would have been more musical. I've also played Agops, Mehmets and Amedias that were absolutely terrible...
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    Buying out-of-stock cymbals on Amazon?

    Has anyone here ever bought a cymbal that was listed “Temporarily out of stock” on Amazon? Did you ever get the cymbal, or did Amazon end up cancelling your order?