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  1. Dante2k

    Ufip crashes

    Does anyone know what model of ufip crashes would be similar in weight to A customs and 2002 mediums ? The Bionics seem a bit heavy.
  2. Dante2k

    Premier Artist Maple

    As title, must have a 22" kick and 16" floor. May consider the birch but definitely not in red, I just dont like red lol.
  3. Dante2k


    Rough series crashes, 19" and over, . Class medium crashes 19" and over, 22' Class brilliant crash/ride. May consider Bionic and large Supernova's. Any of the above please get in touch.
  4. Dante2k

    Aquarian Response 2 & Texture coated dot

    Does anyone use these heads ? Response 2 on Tom's and a texture coated dot on the snare. I've always switched between Evan's G2, EC2 and Remo Emperors and in my 30 years of drumming never really tried Aquarian heads. I was thinking of putting them on my 90's XPK which I take to gigs that...
  5. Dante2k

    22" Paiste signature power ride for Zildjian K/Sabian HH

    Thinking of trading my 22" Paiste sig power ride for K mastersounds/ HH Fusion hats or HHX plosion or K crash ride, K dark medium thin. Other HH/HHX or Ks considered.
  6. Dante2k

    Change of band change of cymbals ?

    Okay, hi all new here but not to drumming lol. I was recently in a Doom/Grunge band playing good size venues and I have been out of the game for over a year. I just got asked to join a punk band and I'm keen on joining them. My question is do you think I need to scale down on my cymbals size...