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    22” Istanbul Mehmet ride cymbal, relathed by Heather Stine

    22” Mehmet Original ride. Originally weighed 2330 grams. Heather Stine relathed the top and now it weighs 2212 grams. Relating the top removed the ink and the cold stamp. Excellent condition. $250 + shipping from Portland, OR 97202.
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    Buying out-of-stock cymbals on Amazon?

    Has anyone here ever bought a cymbal that was listed “Temporarily out of stock” on Amazon? Did you ever get the cymbal, or did Amazon end up cancelling your order?
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    Wanted: used 24” Istanbul Agop SE Jazz or Traditional Dark Ride

    I’m looking for a 24” Agop Special Edition Jazz Ride (but not a TW), or a 24” Agop Trad Dark Ride. Shipping to Portland, OR. Thanks!
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    Online Cymbal Sellers that Have Videos or Soundfiles of the Exact Cymbal

    I'd find it useful to have a list of online cymbal sellers that have soundfiles or videos of the exact cymbal you'll get. Here's what I've found: Memphis Drum Shop / (Tennessee, USA): CymbalsOnly (New York, USA):
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    Why are 24" Agops so much more expensive than 22" Agops?

    Does anyone know why there is such a huge price jump between 22" and 24" Istanbul Agop cymbals? For example, a 22" Traditional Dark ride sells for $459 new while a 24" goes for $649 new, a difference of $190. Meanwhile, a 26" is only $25 more than a 24". It's also true of their Xist cymbals...
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    Lightweight non-flat mini-boom stand?

    Can anyone recommend a good lightweight mini-boom stand that doesn’t have a flat base? The only one I’m finding online is the Sonor 2000 series single-braced, but I can’t find its weight anywhere. Is that the only one currently available or is there something else I should look at? Also, does...
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    14” old K Zildjian Istanbul medium matched-weight hats

    Wonderful matched weight Intermediate Stamp hats. As a bonus, the underside of the top cymbal was signed by Elvin Jones. $1250 on Reverb. $1180 shipped here.
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    Dixon Little Roomer Straight Cymbal Stand

    Does anyone have any experience with the Dixon Little Roomer Straight Cymbal Stand? It's a short, 2-tier, single braced stand that looks like it would be great to hold a cymbal low off the floor tom...
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    New Soultone Series - Checkered Cymbals

    This video popped up in my YouTube feed last night.
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    Am I the only one who finds this amazon deal pairing amusing?

    24" Zildjian cymbal with a 22" cymbal bag
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    Drummers playing 26" or larger cymbals?

    Some of the recent discussions here about large cymbals made me wonder: who are some famous drummers known for playing 26" or larger cymbals? I know that Stan Kenton had a 26" and even a 27" cymbal the drummers in his big bang -- including Peter Erskine -- all played, and that Hunt Sales played...
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    Please ID this Avedis Zildjian stamp

    I recently got an A. Zildjian cymbal that was advertised as a 1960s vintage, but looks to be older. It has the small center hole. The stamp is 1 1/8” tall or maybe a tiny bit shorter. The lettering isn’t pressed well, but the Arabic script is pretty clear and is much less smooth than other...
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    SOLD 22” Istanbul Mehmet Mikael Z Tribute cymbal

    For sale is a 22” Mehmet Mikael Z ride. 2353 grams. Very good condition with stick marks and a little tape residue, but no problems. This may be the best 22” ride I’ve ever owned. Sweet and smooth, not trashy at all. I never thought I’d sell this one, but I’m just not using 22’s as much as...
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    SOLD 22” Dream paper thin Crash-Ride

    For sale is a 22” Dream Crash-Ride. When I got it, I weighed it with my old scale and wrote that weight under the bell (1735 grams). Since then I got a new scale, which says this cymbal weighs 1750 grams. I have no idea which weight is right, but in any case, it’s paper thin. There‘s no ink...
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    Sad news: Bill Rieflin has died

    From Robert Fripp:
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    Gibraltar metric hi-hat pull rod question

    Does anyone know which hat stands will work with Gibraltar’s metric pull rods? In particular, do they fit Sonor hat stands (mine’s an early 90s Force 1000)? Here’s the specs from Gibraltar’s website: SC-HHRM Hi Hat Pull Rod(Metric) – Replacement hi-hat pull rod – 23″ long, 6.5 mm diametrer –...
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    Mystery Sabian Ride

    Here’s a 24” Sabian ride that’s unlike any other Sabian I’ve seen before, so I assume it’s a prototype. I wonder if anyone here could give me more information about it. Aside from the Sabian logo, there’s no ink. It weighs 3099 grams. Umbrella profile like a Mehmet Nostalgia 50s ride...
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    SOLD 20" Murat Diril Mosaic crash

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    Ringo sitting in with Paul last night

    Sgt Pepper Reprise and a blistering version of Helter Skelter.
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    Soultone / Amedia connection?

    Does anyone know if Soultone sometimes uses Amedia to make their cymbals? The reason I ask is because I’ve only ever seen this font stamped on those two brands.