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  1. hippychip

    Rock Hall Nominations: Bad Brains Would Destroy Def Leppard

    I just tried to watch a couple of songs by Bad Brains---do they play any music, or just chugging and screaming?
  2. hippychip

    Remo CB 700 drum head questions

    I would just like to clarify one point---those are CB-700 drums made by CB Percussion with Remo heads---not Remo drums. They look like they are in good shape---enjoy them!!
  3. hippychip

    Not sure I like the new format

    Nothing has change enough to make any difference to me!
  4. hippychip

    Get ready to pay at least another 5% for postage on all your items

    You can thank Amazon for that :(
  5. hippychip

    Remo CB 700 drum head questions

    I would also get an Emperor batter for the middle tom so they are all the same type. I am also a guitar player who bought a drum kit for my home studio because I enjoy playing music with others, and most importantly---my neighbors don't complain :) Go to to get the basics on tuning...
  6. hippychip

    Any news on why this site has slowed way down?

    No problem here---west central Florida
  7. hippychip

    Teaching a Lefty AND a Righty - on the same kit

    Left or right handed is basically irrelevant to a beginner, but in the long term playing lefty is an obstacle for any gigging drummer. I have played with many drummers over the last 40 years, and rebuilding the whole kit in the middle of a multi-band ticket is not an option. I give the same...
  8. hippychip

    For us non-pro wannabee woodworkers! NO MORE MINWAX @ HD!

    Lowes carries Minwax---I've been using their products for 40 years with no problems---not about to change now!
  9. hippychip

    How to stain maple to look aged yellow?

    Lowes still carries minwax---I've been using it for over 40 years with great results. I haven't found maple any more difficult to stain than any other wood---I use a rag or paper towel to apply, and wipe off the excess as I go so the wood doesn't soak up too much color.
  10. hippychip

    These are 5 minutes frome me. Wow!

    Since the drums don't belong to him, and the owner has offered a 10% commission on the sale---that would be a d**k move :(
  11. hippychip

    OT: Toxic algae and red tide in Florida beaches and waterways

    The red tide is unrelated to the green algae, and has nothing to do with the dumping of chemicals into lakes and rivers. Red tide is a naturally occurring phenomenon.
  12. hippychip


    I said it the last time this "problem" popped up---if you can't secure your device enough to stop something as simple as pop-up ads you better not do any financial transactions :( I have NEVER seen even 1 ad, and I log on AT LEAST once a day!
  13. hippychip

    How to stain maple to look aged yellow?

    Go to home depot, and look at Minwax wood finishes---you should be able to find something you like. Keep in mind that maple will darken considerably with just a natural finish, and you can always go darker, but you can't go lighter.
  14. hippychip

    What's up with shipping prices lately?

    If you buy goods from Amazon you are screwing yourself, and everyone else in the process :( Stop bitching, and buy local!!!
  15. hippychip

    Oriollo Spun Copper Kit- Preview Thread

    You're making all the big guys look like amateurs---keep up the good work :)
  16. hippychip

    Drum tuning help needed

    When I first got my drums (I've played guitar for 40 years) I asked a drummer friend to help me tune them (he is also a drum teacher) He told me to go to and follow the directions, and he would come over the following weekend to help me. When he showed up he sat down, tapped on them...
  17. hippychip

    How to shave down a bass hoop & true the edge???

    Just leave it alone---nobody is going to notice a 1/8" difference between the 2 hoops.
  18. hippychip

    OT: affordable used guitar for my jam room?

    This is what I came up with for less than $300---Squier Affinity Tele ($100), Epiphone Les Paul 100 ($150), and an HSS Strat that I built from parts that I was Paid to replace for other people---the body and neck were given to me, the pickups/electronics came from a Mexican Strat that I was paid...
  19. hippychip

    OT - my offer on reverb expired. what does that mean?

    I feel no obligation to respond to anyone's offer unless I am accepting it.
  20. hippychip

    cleaning chrome stand

    I use a red shop rag and WD-40 on all my hardware.