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  1. bernard

    New on Netflix: "Count Me In" Drummer Documentary

    Well, so maybe this film can help do something about this terrible balance. Putting the spotlights on some -- well-deserved -- role models is a good thing.
  2. bernard

    New on Netflix: "Count Me In" Drummer Documentary

    I wonder if this film is somehow restricted by region? Tried to search for it (in Sweden), but can't find it...
  3. bernard

    RIP Charlie Watts

    Charlie was all class. A huge loss.
  4. bernard

    Helpful drum head comparison chart I stumbled upon

    Awesome! I haven't seen this before, thanks for sharing,
  5. bernard

    I Finally Found a Pic of The “One Headlight” Snare

    That's a mean sound. In a good way.
  6. bernard

    ***Another crappy cell phone video with reworked snare beds*** Started building my solid Cuban Mahogany snare drum shell.

    Very nicely done, congrats to a unique and sweet looking drum!
  7. bernard

    The Greatest Snare Tuning Trick ever ..

    It won't hurt anything, so don't worry. I use it (though not often to that extreme) on several snares. Another useful technique, especially if you need different sounds for different songs, is the "big fat snare drum" thing. Buy the product, or just take an old head and cut out the collar. Works...
  8. bernard

    New Mike Dawson Podcast "Drumcandy"

    Thanks! I really have been missing the chitchat between Mike and Mike. Noticed one of the first episodes actually was with Mike Johnston!
  9. bernard

    Mono Overhead room microphone

    If you have spare mikes, absolutely want to use them, and your room has both a stairway and alley/adjacent room, I'd experiment with these instead. An extra mike in a normal-size room, already well miked up and likely without any extremely nice sounding properties, is probably wasted. But from...
  10. bernard

    Drums backing tracks (Drumless songs)

    The copyright holders will get paid automatically by YouTube. No problems (unless you try to upload one of the few artist that don't allow this kind of usage, in which case the video will not be viewable in the affected regions). Works surprisingly well.
  11. bernard

    Madison Square Garden with Kick, Hats and Snare

    :-) Dropping a stick in the first bar, for good measure. Great!
  12. bernard

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Unless you use it to mount toms, then it is a base drum.
  13. bernard

    Could this be why some find a click track unnatural feeling and lifeless?

    Sorry, but I just don't think you want to understand what a lot of us here are telling you. Let's agree to disagree, and I will continue to enjoy my gigs -- with and without clicks. Bye.
  14. bernard

    Could this be why some find a click track unnatural feeling and lifeless?

    Well, there are obviously (as clearly shown in this thread) a lot of drummers that can speak their voice and make the music groove/swing/breathe also with a click. The skills and toolset needed to be a working drummer today is different from those in the 70's. Just like the skills and tools at...
  15. bernard

    Gavin H - the entire drumset is an instrument for my sound and my Mix

    Any examples or links? This sounds very interesting, but extremely hard to do (except in certain, specific genres), as you normally have no idea what the total mix will sound like when tracking the drums.
  16. bernard

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    You mean "tradition" like "the American way"? But the US have no history, so your "tradition" doesn't count. (This thread was all about unpopular opinions, right?)
  17. bernard

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    RMMP... now, those were the times!
  18. bernard

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Richard Spaven? Mark Guiliana? Nate Smith? (OK, not exactly "up and coming", but from a younger generation and instantly recognizable.)