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    Is this normal for a Paiste Rude ride?

    A Rude with blemishes is better, consider it a rare collectors item.
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    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    Ive purchased 5 , just like new, just alcohol it when you get it and use the foam packaging as sound deadeners on the wall.
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    Your Top 5 Influential Drummers of all Time

    John Bonham John Henry Bonham Bonzo Bonham, John The Beast Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 2 Led Zeppelin 4 Presence In Through The Out Door
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    OT: acid reflux and GERD

    Miracle food for this condition, no prescriptions needed: Watery Quaker oats (1 minute is fine) before each meal, 1-1.5 cups. Neutral tasting but it will absorb all the junk you eat and help your stomach linings and reduce cholesterol. It really does work, It works even with toddlers who...
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    15” Sound Edge

    Best of both worlds is what I have on 2 similar sets: 15" 2002 SE pair 15" Vintage 2002 Se Bottom, modern Giant Beat Top Nothing beats them, nothing!
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    Too many cymbals?

    I have lots of cymbals, and 5 drums sets all set up with them. One set each for the style of music/ sound I want to hear.
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    Too many cymbals?

    I hope you dont play in a modern band where the songs have no cymbals. :blink:
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    Achieving the Bonham Cymbal Sound Using Modern Cymbals

    All musicians learn from previous musicians and try to mimic them, it all goes back to the alpha humans from Africa millions of years ago.
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    Achieving the Bonham Cymbal Sound Using Modern Cymbals

    Early zep: current giant beat multi's, 18 20 24, either 15" 602 or 2002 or gb Later stuff: current 2002 thins, 15 se hats, keep the 24" giant beat If you really want to replicate zep1 : zildjian a's or pst 7 mediums(but hit em hard), get a 13 16 22 set. I've already burned my wallet with this...
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    Hold the Line Drum Cover

    It was in reference to his good aim, not wealth!
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    Hold the Line Drum Cover

    And imagine how clean Aaron Rodgers toilet seats are! Inspiration!
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    TV Theme Songs

    The Funk version of this show was best Why am I thinking Bernard Purdie is playing the drums there?
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    Hold the Line Drum Cover

    I like to start off by playing "Hot Fun in The SummerTime", then slowly ease into/morph into this song. Kinda like an 80's mixup Then I go into Tom Sawyer, then start varying and swinging the highthats and morph into Rosanna, then into fool in the rain, then slow and end it all with Kid...
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    Bird's Eye Views...

    Nice, looks like a perfect set to do a Peart like solo on!
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    Neil Peart, Greatest Drummer Of All Time

    Well Bonham is my pick, his Drumming DNA is all over the place, its in Neil too and countless other rock drummers, and Appice's drum DNA is in Bonham, so many great drummers, pick yur own Goat, dont be sheep.
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    Vintage Paiste Giant Beats

    Yeah expensive, the 602 Sound Edges are almost a grand, real tempting though when the gov' is sending me checks! Money for nothing and Paisties for free!
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    Neil Peart, Greatest Drummer Of All Time

    True, and then he sought to improv his skills, got Freddie Grueber's help, and got rid of his prefect timing and stiffness. From that came Test For Echo which I love his playing there the best but most say he played worse. He did not go around saying how great he was, he continued to improve...
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    LUDWIG Speed Flyer and Speed King pedal REVIEW.

    I used to be a SpeedKing on the SpeedKing, then it went limp(the pedal!!), so my foot now is more accustomed to a camco like pedal, cheap pedals with light foorboards and no frills. The SpeedKing just sits there for show. Ludwig took too long to get me to buy one again.
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    Vintage Paiste Giant Beats

    I thought I did see your video of you playing the 20 cracked at the edge! I was right, I think Ill check around here in Vegas, im sure once everything opens up fully, we can find some stashed somewhere.