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    Yikes! $2,270.04 wooden Slingerland Spitfire on Ebay ...

    From Japan, but with a snapshot strainer. But the finish looked odd until I saw the interior. This is - or was - a "Violin-Red" stained snare drum, which had over forty years faded to an uneven, mottled gloss dark yellow on the exterior, but the red is still bright on the inside...
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    "Downfall" parody video: "DW acquires Slingerland."

    Downfall of course being the award winning film about the last days of the Third Reich - which has inspired hundreds of parodies. Here's another! Apparently Adolf is not happy about the acquisition ... "But where will they find black chrome wrap?"
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    Rare, clean, Black-wrap 1964 Rogers Tower Snare Drum 4 sale.

    She is in great shape, with new heads and original wires. The wrap is nearly perfect with minimal wear or corrosion on the hardware. The original owner (not me) had the music store install a Ludwig bat-and-ball tone control knob, since most Towers came from the factory without them, and it works...
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    Funny video: "Ten types of jazz drummers."

    Enjoy! I liked the "Diarrhea of the hands" , LOL!
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    Cool 1970's Slingerland Cordova-cover color sampler on Reverb!

    Just saw this. I had no idea one could order seven different colors, including a "spring-green". Try finding an 18" floor tom to match that kit! How very 1970's of you, Slingerland ... :rr:
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    Great interview with Fanny drummer Alice de Buhr!

    "Fanny" is the greatest, classic 1970s band that I never heard of, but thanks to Youtube, I am now really enjoying their music. They were the first all-female rock band to sign LP deal with a major record label. Man, they are fantastic musicians, all four of them. And Alice was a great drummer...
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    True Masterpiece: A One-off Innovation/Renovation Drum Co. rebuilt Slingerland Spitfire

    Background: I bought this rebuilt Slingerland Spitfire snare drum from Steve Maxwell several years ago. It belonged to a completely overhauled, white sparkle lacquer, five piece Slingerland bop set, 18,12,13,14, 14 snare. While I didn't want the kit (not my sizes), Steve accepted my offer for...
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    While I got the camera out: My '79 5.5 X14" WMP Slingerland Spitfire.

    The lighting was off, and made the finish look blotchy yellow, but there is hardly any noticeable yellowing after 41 years. The lovely blue tinge is gone, even from under the lugs. She is 5-ply. She came with gut snares, but they were ragged, so I put new wire snares on, requiring a new...
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    What year is my Black Rogers Tower snare?

    And what is she worth, as I'm thinking of selling her? I got it on eBay many years back. The original owner said that the music store added the Ludwig bat-and-ball muffler for him, a common addition, since apparently Towers didn't offer tone control knobs. 0 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr 0-1 by...
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    My new, black Chicago Drums 12-lug "Spit-faux-ire"!

    It feels like 1979 at my house! A couple years ago, I had custom ordered from Chicago Drums and Restoration, a brand new new copy of the classic twelve lug Spitfire/Belleson snare drum. (They don't call it by this name, but I do.) I can tick all the boxes: 5X14, TDR strainer, tone control knob...
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    * A Nuther Price Drop * Rare version of 1979-80 Slingerland Spitfire snare drum in Natural Maple finish, $295.

    The size is 14 X 5.5". Twelve lugs! While the finish is rare, so it is too, not for what it has, but for what it doesn't have - a tone control knob. It was never factory drilled for one. Back in 1979, nearly all snares had them. I bought this on eBay about six years ago, but I don't know the...
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    Another Post Modern Jukebox cover "Really Don't Care" with vintage Rogers Drums!

    Looks like a 20, 14, 12 kit. And yes, it stars the world famous "Tambourine Guy", as well as the incomparable Morgan James! As one of the commenters says: "If you're going to be Tambourine Guy, be the best Tambourine Guy ever." I love PMJ!
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    My Rosewood Slingerland Spitfires

    I have two of these 12-lug beauties wrapped in factory rosewood: A five ply 5.5 X 14 and a 3-ply 6.5 X14, both circa 1980. I have yet to fix the small nicks in the finish (easy), but the hardware is near perfect. The finish of the 5-ply is slightly darker. 0 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr 0-1 by...
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    I love when new bands play old drums! 70's Rogers Big-R's, in this case.

    In New Mahogany finish too! Pomplamoose plays "Fight Back": Pomplamoose plays "An Old French Tune" (Je Mi Suis Fait Tout Petit) , with a vintage drum mash-up, including a silver sparkle Ludwig, and Light Blue Pearl Gretsch tom.
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    Are these 70's natural finish Slingerland drums salvageable?

    Atrocity Alert! 24" virgin bass drum, with 14" and 18" toms from the late 70's. They appear to be rosewood! But somebody long ago painted them aquamarine, then changed his mind, and stripped the paint off. But you can see the how its pickled blue in places. $500...
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    These vintage Yamaha 9000 series concert toms sound amazing!

    Stumbled across this video on Youtube:
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    One Pic Wonder: What happened to this extraordinary Slingerland kit?

    The promotional black and gold Louis Bellson Explosion kit, made for the 1979 Slingerland Drum Contest! The kit of dreams ... What might it looked like in color? Scanned from Modern Drummer. What happened to it? Did anybody see it person? Any other photographs exist? Do YOU have it? 0 by...
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    My restored 1980 rosewood Slingerland 80N Buddy Rich kit

    I'm finally done. My dream kit, an eBay wreck, purchased two years ago. She is a 5-ply lacquer kit, whose finish has lightened over her forty years. She is darker under the lugs, but not as dark as the catalog implies. Enjoy! 0 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr 0-3 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr 0-1...
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    A rusted out 5.5" COW Slingerland Spifire (and Magnum set)!

    Oh, the Humanity!:sad2...