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  1. mathale

    WTB: Old Stamp Ks

    Still on my mission! Please let me know if you have any leads. Thank you! re: Looking for a 22” K. Zildjian Istanbul Type IIa and/or IIIa~
  2. mathale

    Cymbal crack repair with UV curable resin?

    I hear (and understand) what you are saying, yet there are postings over the years where I've yet to come across anyone complaining about their laser repair (aside from any edge repair).
  3. mathale

    Drilling center holes
  4. mathale

    Share your swish/China/ cymbals

    27" Wuhan China. Perfect for bari sax and trombone. Plus a 22" and an 18” Wuhan China, depending on the occasion.
  5. mathale

    Drilling center holes

    Canopus Flat Base Cymbal Stand! Specially designed for the old school 7/16” center hole. No need to drill! Preserve the old cymbals!
  6. mathale

    The Slingerland Radio King and Joyful Noise Beacon Bronze are home.

    It all went down just the way Michael said it did - like it was meant to be. This is one of those times where I feel like something intervened to help out an event. I first saw Michael's big-belled beauty on the DFO a while back (6" bell for a 19 3/4") and he said that he had it for years and...
  7. mathale

    I bought my friend's Joyful Noise and Radio King from his widow.

    Yes they do. Yes, they most certainly do. If ever any beauty I did see, Which I desired, and got, 'twas but a dream of thee. (Thank you Michael!) I first saw drummer5359s big-belled beauty on the DFO a while back and thought to myself If only. I was amazed by the size of the bell in...
  8. mathale

    OT- is Vintage Drum Forum. com up or...

    Yeah, me too...
  9. mathale

    Festival wants to use my kit as backline.

    No way, man. Not a chance. Unless you don't mind your kit being greatly abused.
  10. mathale

    Not loving playing drums now.

    Not a downer post. Perhaps a lot of us have been through this sort of thing. Sounds like you know what the answer is, so do it. Years ago, I learned from a mentor regarding life on drums. "I can only play me" he said to me. Talk about liberation. Long story short, I wound up putting my sticks...
  11. mathale

    Favorite Jazz Ride Sound on An Album

    Jimmy Cobb's cymbals on the Miles Davis album Kind of Blue.
  12. mathale

    Sales tax on shipping charges

    Hmm...I wonder what the tax would have been on my shipping?
  13. mathale

    Ludwig- Paiste Cymbal....NOT Standard

    I have some 3-Stars, 3 STAR. Let me know what you're looking for (Swiss and/or German).
  14. mathale

    Cleaning vintage Zildjian (50’s) cymbal

    First, let me say that there is a difference between oxidation (patina) and filth/grime. I find that soaking a dirty cymbal in a solution of hot (not boiling) water and dish soap works really well to open the cymbal up a little and take off the filth and grime, but leaves the patina. Not much...
  15. mathale

    Cymbal Thickness

    Very true, especially with respect to old Ks.
  16. mathale

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Who's bright idea was it to deface cymbals by writing the weight under the bell?! Now everybody is doing it. Doing so spoils the aesthetics, and I find it incredibly annoying! Stop it!!
  17. mathale

    Drilling center holes

    Wait! There are options for playing cymbals with the old school 7/16" center hole without having to widen the hole! You don't have to mutilate these finite beauties just so that they'll fit on modern stands. Actually, opening up the center holes will affect the sound, however slightly (loss of...
  18. mathale


    Thank you!
  19. mathale

    Cymbal Thickness

    And then there are the ones that are thin around the bell and become thicker towards the edge. Ooof... . (A former 18" IIIb Old K of mine. Was a little hard to control!)
  20. mathale


    Looking for a 1960s Camco 800 hi-hat stand with clutch in solid working condition. Please send a PM! Thank You!