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    Gretsch Broadkaster snare mare!

    Anyone else had this kind of problem with a special ordered Gretsch snare? A couple of the lugs have been drilled about quarter of an inch out. Never ordered a drum before and had loads of problems, waited 14 months for the drum and had to replace it, this is the replacement! It's also got...
  2. J

    Gretsch Broadkaster snare

    Hello, haven't posted for a while, been really busy with a new touring show based on Sun records. Anyway, when I got in this show I decided to buy a Gretsch Broadkaster vintage build kit that had been winking at me for a while in my local drum shop. This was 14 months ago, and at the time, I...
  3. J

    Ludwig "Ringo" throne?

    Is this a Ludwig throne?
  4. J

    Ludwig throne

    This is a Ludwig throne right?
  5. J

    Ludwig Timpani stool

    Just bought a really nice 60s Ludwig timpani stool, can't believe how sturdy and comfortable it is as I've always seen them described as terrible! I usually use an old Premier stool and find it really light but sturdy and comfortable. Anyone else like/use the old stools?
  6. J

    Old Sonor stool?

    Recently bought this stool. It was sold as a 60s Sonor, but I can't find any info about it. It's very similar to a 60s Ludwig timpani stool and unlike any other Sonor model I have seen. Anyone know what it is?
  7. J

    Ludwig cocktail drum.

    Seen a nice looking 60s Ludwig cocktail drum with a Pioneer snare in red sparkle on Ebay. The seller wants 800 British pounds for it. I'm tempted but is that a bit much? You don't see them come up very often, especially over here. It's too far for me to go and have a look and the photos aren't...
  8. J

    My new 1961 Downbeats

    A few shots of my new (to me) Downbeats: [attachment=254451:IMG_8506.jpg
  9. J

    Looking for a 1960s Ludwig Tympani stool

    Anyone got a 60s Ludwig tympani stool/throne they'd sell me? Cheers, Nathan.
  10. J

    My 'new' 1961 Downbeat kit and a question

    Just bought a really nice silver sparkle Downbeat kit with matching Jazz Festival snare. It seems to be in really nice original condition, just needs a bit of a polish. One surprising thing, the small tom seems to have steel hoops. I was expecting brass on all the drums, the snare and floor tom...
  11. J

    K stamp identification

    Bought an old K 11" cymbal, just wondered if anyone could tell me how old it is from the stamp.
  12. J

    Ringo sale!

    Apparently Ringo is selling his first Ludwig kit amongst other things. I'd post the link but I can never get it to work on here.
  13. J

    60s Premier Oyster 202 kit

    Completed my new Premier kit with Lockfast stands (the bass drum cymbal arm came from America!), really nice 18" and 20" 5 Star Super Zyns and trashy 18" riveted Zyn and surprisingly good Zyn hi hats. I think it goes well with my art deco fire place! :-)
  14. J

    Moon's Ludwig kit, it's blue isn't it?

    Sold at Bonhams, how did I miss this? Described as black oyster, but it's blue isn't it?
  15. J

    My new old kit Late 60s Premier Oysters

    Haven't bought any drums for ages but I came across this late 60s Premier 202 kit in oyster finish just round the corner so I thought I'd go and have a look. Anyway I ended up buying it for £400. How did I do? Unfortunately I can't seem to post links anymore, can anyone help...
  16. J

    Nice kit but way over priced yeah?
  17. J

    Ludwig cymbal stand?

    Did Ludwig ever actually make this stand or has someone just added the bottom of a snare stand to the top two sections of a 1400 stand? I've seen a few of these and there is a picture of a Joe Morello kit in the book 'Star Sets' by Jon Cohan with a pair of these stands.
  18. J

    Another pricey Ludwig on UK Ebay, but is it blue or black (oyster)?

    Says it's blue, looks black to me: What do you think?
  19. J

    Ludwig Super Classic- a bit pricey? You don't see many of these, especially in England.
  20. J

    What's this old Ludwig part?

    For sale on Ebay, but what is it...