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  1. poot

    Vic Firth brushes... turned to goo in my hands

    Was rehearsing a nice ballad, and when we finished my hands felt sticky. Looked down and they were smeared with tar. The rubber seal on the "pull rod" side of the brush housing had disintegrated into goo. You can see a big gob of it towards the triangle end of the pull rod. Hadn't used these...
  2. poot

    OT: Science Experiment Looks Like Cymbals

    Check this out from Dutch artist Loes Modderman. She mixes chemicals and minerals and then photographs them through her microscope. She's made some amazing, world-class art!
  3. poot

    I Stink at Painting Hoops

    What is causing the rough spots? There are several layers of primer and paint on this old hoop. Before spraying, I sanded it completely smooth using 400 grit paper followed by steel wool, then wiped it down carefully with a dry cloth. The rough spots appeared immediately upon spraying. Is it a...
  4. poot

    WTB: 16" Slingerland COS sticksaver rim

    Hi, I'm looking for one 16" Slingerland COS sticksaver rim from the 1960s or 70s. Anyone?
  5. poot

    OT: Paintless Dent Removal (Automotive)

    My minivan has some door dents that might be suitable for paintless dent removal. I'm considering getting one of those kits on Amazon and trying it myself. Has anyone had success with DIY? Or better left to the pros?
  6. poot

    I think I need a new snare drum

  7. poot

    WTB: Ludwig 5/16" curved spur

    Hi, Just need 1 spur, but I'll buy a pair if the price is right. Must be the longer type, 11.5" from tip to tip. And a Ludwig Classic tom post. Thanks!
  8. poot

    Epic kit setups, continued

    Here’s a good one, listed for sale as “Roger” drums. Let’s see some more!
  9. poot

    Wanted: Ludwig Curved BD Spur, 5/16"

    Just need one but would consider buying a pair. Don't need the mounts. Thanks!
  10. poot

    Wanted: 10 Ludwig Classic Tees and Claws

    Don't have to be perfect as long as they're not heavily rusted / pitted. I'd rather not support Gayle/Jonas over on eBay. :)
  11. poot

    '70s Ludwig BD Hoop Paint: Semi Gloss, Correct?

    That's what I recall. Been a few years since I've repainted one. Thanks!
  12. poot

    Who made this gong tom?

    Could this be very early Tama? Something else? Has Tama hardware but no badge. Shell is 10x14" 6-ply maple or birch, but the seams are straight, not angled. Tom mount looks generic; wing nut does not look original. Thanks for looking!
  13. poot

    OT: Switching from acoustic to electric... lawnmower

    Ever used an electric mower? Losing patience with my aging push mower; it mostly "pushes" the grass over and days later I need to cut it again. $50 to sharpen the reel blades and that's good for about two summers. Time to move on. Not willing to buy a gas mower. Interested in this Greenworks...
  14. poot

    Not Ludwig lugs - who made them?

    Hole pattern is approx. 38mm center to center. Stamped "Japan" on inside of casing. Who made them? Ludwig mini-lug is to the right for contrast.
  15. poot

    WTB: Rogers Dynasonic Strainer and Batter Rim

  16. poot

    I’m the Sound Effects for a Play – What to Bring?

    Ever done this? Looking for suggestions as you'll have some great ideas. My son is appearing in a play. He and all the actors are developmentally disabled. It's a comedy with lots of corny puns and they've asked me to provide a few ba-da-bings as well as the occasional "boom" or "clunk" when...
  17. poot

    Rail Mounts: USA or MIJ?

    Not sure what I have here. The second one is partial but looks too beefy for MIJ. Thanks!
  18. poot

    Maybe he would ship to you

    Pretty good deal here. "These would go for over $1000 new."
  19. poot

    Beautiful drums. Believe me - you're gonna love 'em
  20. poot

    Who made these turret lugs?

    Not DW, as the center dot is larger than on DW lugs. On the outside, these look just like Hayman or Camco lugs. But on the backside, the mount housings extend past the lip of the casing, whereas on Hayman / Camco the mounts are flush. Is this a generic knockoff?