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  1. sharky10c

    OT: Anybody ever moved across the country?

    Drumming has taken a back seat to some major life changes and career moves lately. That said, I've regrettably been an absentee member here. I really enjoy the network and support I've found on this forum from such a young age. With that, wondering if anybody has undertaken a cross-country...
  2. sharky10c

    PRICE DROP 7x14 Slingerland Radio King 1940-1942 Snare

    I apologize in advance, I've been an absentee member lately, but the time has come for me to liquidate my drum collection as I'm looking at some pretty big life moves in the next month. I wanted to advertise this particular drum here as I know somebody on the forum will appreciate more than the...
  3. sharky10c

    Black Jewel on Goodwill - Here we go again...

    It's either a new one, or the same one, what's the deal with this drum?!
  4. sharky10c

    Ever seen a Biman Snare?

    I hear they're super rare! LOL!
  5. sharky10c

    Tips for getting back into the music scene?

    I used to be pretty involved in the local music scene, but moving to a new city and completing my undergrad has distracted me almost entirely from playing out publicly over the last four years. Anybody know of any particularly useful ways to break into a new music scene? I'm looking to get...
  6. sharky10c

    What in the world is this CL ad?

    Read for yourself -- Sounds like this fella is in way too deep on this set. Mom cosigned his bank loan for this STAR drum set! :laughing5:
  7. sharky10c

    Wilson Bros. snare drum restoration before and after

    I picked up a pretty cool 1920s Wilson Bros. Snare drum with their slightly famed 3-way strainer about two months ago. It was pretty grungy when I got it and the calf heads sealed off the only remnant of its identity -- a mint paper tag plastered to the wooden inner-shell. It's all cleaned up...
  8. sharky10c

    Gretsch RB Tangerine Sparkle on the bay

    What's the deal here?
  9. sharky10c

    A Camco find? I'm no Camco expert, but those badges look a lot different than DW badges. I would take a stab at this one, but I don't have the space or the funds
  10. sharky10c

    Cool Gretsch Project on the bay

    Can't speak to the value, but check it out
  11. sharky10c

    Ludwig Jazz Fest Value

    I've got a line on a nice Jazz Fest, missing only a muffler, priced around $350. Wrap has minimal fade, chrome hardware and clear interior. This a deal worth chasing?
  12. sharky10c

    Nickel Radio King Beavertail Lugs

    Looking for some nickel Radio King Beavertail lugs to fit a 1940-1942 Buddy Rich Swingster. They don't have to be super clean. Looking for any number up to 16. Let me know what you have!
  13. sharky10c

    Early Slingerland Snare ID

    I've been out of the game awhile, but today I scored three nice snares at a local antique dealer, one of which I believe might be a Radio King or early Student model, just looking for some help ID'ing this one. The hardware is all nickel. A few of the lugs are cracked, but not a big deal to me...
  14. sharky10c

    NFUZD audio announcement today?

    Rumor has it that Mapex/KHS are going to announce a new electronic drum line today at Namm under the name NFUZD audio!
  15. sharky10c

    A routine/book to get back into drumming...

    I used to be pretty present in these forums through high school, but as a sophomore in college, I have been stretched pretty thin. I still play drums when I'm home, but that's usually only about 4 months out of the year. This year, I have an e-kit in my dorm and I'm itching to get back into...
  16. sharky10c

    Old Ludwig and Ludwig Two Tone Woodblock

    I came across this piece today. It looks to be a mid 1930's Ludwig and Ludwig Two Tone Woodblock with a clamp. The metal parts are all stamped "Ludwig and Ludwig Patent Pend." Looking at these pictures, it looks like I have the hoop clamp and then the rod that stretches to the other end of...
  17. sharky10c

    Philadelphia PA Attractions

    Heading down to Philly for a day tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for good drum shops or restaurants or any things to do that are kinda off the beaten path. I've already done the historic thing, just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions.
  18. sharky10c

    Ludwig Standards in Use - Fitz and the Tantrums

    Really cool video and such a kickass band live. Saw them open for DMB and they are really good! Been a fan since they're single "Moneygrabber" hit the radio about 3 or 4 years back. Check out this really cool video: some great musicianship and some killer drums
  19. sharky10c

    Stripping Paint from Wrap

    Got a really nice deal on some Luddies a few days ago. The wrap is totally covered in black paint though. I don't know what kind of paint but I started stripping the bass drum (only drum with extra holes, so I'm not too attached) with Motsenbocker's Latex Lift Off. It has been loosening the...
  20. sharky10c

    A bunch of pop covers

    Here's a bunch that I've been working on lately. Please, leave any criticism you have, and if you like the videos, spread them around, I really don't get many views. (Song choice is probably not your cup of tea. Not really mine either, I'm just trying to expand my horizons and appeal to a...