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  1. ducodonny

    Rogers Holy grail find.

    Start drooling fellas. I found a 12x8 tom ser number#11343 Dayton Ohio, 14x14 floor ser number #11344 Dayton Ohio, 18x14 bass ser number #11345 Dayton Ohio. In a beautiful red onxy. Drums need cleaned then they are going on eprey)). Get your popcorn ready boys this will be a good show.
  2. ducodonny

    Dfo backyard BBQ

    Thanks PUNKDRUMMER aka ducodonny
  3. ducodonny

    Final DFO backyard BBQ and drum off.

    Well gang. I sold my house last Friday an will be relocating to Las Vegas on the 28th. Till then I am going to throw 1 last DFO backyard BBQ and drum off to say good by to all my drum buddys here in the midwest that can make it. I will have the 64 slingerlands set up an plenty of room for...
  4. ducodonny

    OT!!!! Viva Las Vegas

    Well guys my realtor told us to stay in town till after 5. Said we have a 3rd showin on the house an they are going to make us a offer for what we are asking for the house. With that said. I'll be bering my talents and vintage drums to the beautiful Las Vegas valley. We will be on the westside...
  5. ducodonny

    Another $35 acro score

    Found a round edge B/O badge acro with stand this morning for $35. Still has the factory ludwig heads an loOKs great. Has a 1 spot on the shell where it was rubbed. Buuuuuuuuut I got a plain for this sucker. Last DFO show we had here in indy I picked up a raw 3ply white inter keystone JF shell...
  6. ducodonny

    Meet a DFO brother today

    Had the pleasure of meeting and talking drums with JMATO. He seen my FB CCP page and messaged me about some edge work on a gretsch snare drum. Well John came over to the house/shop and we checked it out. The edges are ok just a slit but off on the batter side. But it has those deep cut beds...
  7. ducodonny

    The new dyna are here. The new dynas are here.

    Steve Maxwell is taking orders. 14x5 and 14x6.5 for $799. B&B and beavertail lugs, frames, throw offs and butt plates, tone muffler, wires and tension bolts. They are making everyhing boys an girls. Now let's hope they make some kits for Christmas time. :)
  8. ducodonny

    And nobody wanted them. Sooooo

    Nobody wanted that ugly gretsch kit I had for sale. Couldn't even get 200 bucks for them. There 300 in mufflers on the kit. Lol So I refinished them in a stunning hammered copper an satin black duco. Now they look as good as they sound. What do you guys think about them now. Would you buy them...
  9. ducodonny

    $150.practice/gigging kit

    I throw this kit together out of orphans I had at the house. 10x8,12x8,14x12 maple Tama shells, 16x16 sonor berch shell 22x14 pearl shell. All shells have 1st Gen heavy pearl lugs and 2.3 mm triple flange hoops. Snare is a 5ply pearl maple shell. With 6 over 6 lugs, lug wig p8? Throw off. I...
  10. ducodonny

    New!!!! Marlboro Marine Pearl????

    Is this real? I love the look of a 40's WMP that has been smoked around or Marlboro marine pearls as we say on here. But seen this on epray an about mess myself.
  11. ducodonny

    6 lug aluminum slingy snare ever seen 1

    Any of you guys ever seen a 6 lug aluminum slingerland snare drum? I never had seen 1 before I won 1 last week on epray. It was a order option in 64 only. The badge number is only 347 away from my Nov 64 stagebands. It's a great sounding little firecracker. Like a across but a little dryer but...
  12. ducodonny

    Can't find any info on this paiste???

    All I can find in info on paiste 1000 is in the green color line or Rudes. This 1 I got is a purple label an it's swiss made. Great big sounding and load cymbal. Just can't find any info on it. You guys ever seen one of these or know what it is? Thanks
  13. ducodonny

    1st slingerland square badge snare

    Look at this on eBay You guys seen this. I was in shock just to see one. Let alone for sale. Only 1 I ever seen was Mikes and that was in rob cooks slingerland book.
  14. ducodonny

    1st slingerland square badge snare

    Look at this on eBay You guys seen this. I was in shock just to see one. Let alone for sale. Only 1 I ever seen was Mikes and that was in rob cooks slingerland book.
  15. ducodonny

    Canadian Zildjian cymbals

    Ok it's my understanding that Zildjian cymbals made in Canada was the brother that left an started his own company. Witch later became sabian after the zilco name and and all th e law suits between brothers. What I'm I missing or wrong about. Thanks guys
  16. ducodonny

    Rogers trade

    Just wondering here. But I picked up this mid 60's cleveland luxor a few weeks ago. Love the drum. Think it might be the best 6 lugger I have ever owned. But I have seen a few Big R dynasonic floting around and the salers have been asking about the same as to what my luxor is worth. My...
  17. ducodonny

    Cocktails anyone???

    Well after almost a decade I'm looking for a cocktail drum kit. I finally found one. Picked up at trixon USA cocktail kit last Sunday. It's in orange glitter. 8x5 snare,10x5 tom,15x24 bass/floor tom. I had a set of old zelco 13 hats I put in the arm under the cow bell with a 16 502 crash on top...
  18. ducodonny

    DanC what kinda gem is this

    Dan I found this in a new store here in indy today. Think I did ok it was only $100 :) But the salesman told me. A kid and his grandpa brought it in to trade for a deeper snare. He also tills me he replaced the old factory head because it was dirty. :( But I'm not forsure what the year is on...
  19. ducodonny

    Sprit of 76 kit

    Finally got my NOS Slingerland sprit of 76 kit cleaned up. Listed them on Ebay this evening. Don't know how to add a link but they are listed as a Sprit of 76 kit. Got my Louie Bellson snare listed with the kit too.
  20. ducodonny

    Beer can kit #2

    Early 80's berch pearl kit. 12,13,16,22 14x6.5 green marine pearl wrapped over a COS snare. Kit sounds and looks amazing and definit head turner of a kit. I would take 300 or best offer for the kit