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    Is market of vintage Drum keys experiencing a "Bubble"!!?

    Well, come on, "there's no rounding in square opening", after all ... :icon_e_biggrin:
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    Put down the drill ...

    Warren Zevon may have used it to record "Roland the Thompson Gunner".
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    Ludwig Atlas mount not compatable with double tom mount?

    Please show us your Octaplus, Healthie1 !
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    This is a Dynasonic without the bridge and badge

    New blonde, I believe, was a printed wrap, like New Mahogany, and not an actual natural wood finish. This looks like the wrap was taken off.
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    Yikes! $2,270.04 wooden Slingerland Spitfire on Ebay ...

    From Japan, but with a snapshot strainer. But the finish looked odd until I saw the interior. This is - or was - a "Violin-Red" stained snare drum, which had over forty years faded to an uneven, mottled gloss dark yellow on the exterior, but the red is still bright on the inside...
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    Any tips on touching up vintage natural Mahogany finish

    Don't use furniture markers! They leave purple smudges on the lacquer, and they always dry darker than the surrounding finish! The marker damage can be undone with baking soda though ... Try different types of wood oil, like Tung Oil, on a small, sample spot first, and see if works. Im assuming...
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    Memory Lock for Rogers Swan Leg HH?

    There was an actual Rogers memriloc version of the swan-leg hi-hat stand, offered very briefly in 1975-76. I saw a relatively modern picture of Charlie Watts still using it.
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    Slingerland Yellowjacket pedal acquisition

    I have two similar, black "Yellow-black-ets", but one has "Magnum" cast on the pedal.
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    Price seems ridiculously low for this 6 1/2 Dynasonic

    Dynasonics all had nicely finished lacquered interiors. All other wood Rogers drums received a spray of surplus automotive trunk paint ... er ... I mean, a special sonic coating. :angel8:
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    Price seems ridiculously low for this 6 1/2 Dynasonic

    And the wrap is badly yellowed ... some people like that, but not my cup of tea.
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    "Downfall" parody video: "DW acquires Slingerland."

    Downfall of course being the award winning film about the last days of the Third Reich - which has inspired hundreds of parodies. Here's another! Apparently Adolf is not happy about the acquisition ... "But where will they find black chrome wrap?"
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    Would you trade?

    Now, if it was the rare green vistalite ... otherwise, nope.
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    Very old it with modern drumkit?

    Just remember that ancient strainers love to break at the worst possible moment! I had an early 80's (not that old) Slingerland Slapshot strainer permanently break in the middle of a rehearsal, but fortunately I had a back up snare.
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    Noble and Cooley solid shells are oversized?

    I remember Noble and Cooley from the 1960-70's!
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    The Official Slingerland Drum Thread

    This was - and still is - my ultimate dream kit - the 1979 Slingerland Drum Contest promo Louis Bellson Explosion Set, in Black with bronze hardware! Where is it today, and do any better pics survive? From an old Modern Drummer ... Sigh ... 0 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr
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    Rare, clean, Black-wrap 1964 Rogers Tower Snare Drum 4 sale.

    Sold. (Mods: I am unable to edit the title line for some reason.)
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    The Official Slingerland Drum Thread

    Here's a Japanese drummer who is building his own Explosion Kit! If I can just find a second 22" Slingerland rosewood bass!!!!
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    What year is my Black Rogers Tower snare?

    I lost the links to the earlier pictures, so here are more. It is now offed on the Drums For Sale Forum, for the above recommended price. Thanks guys 0 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr 0-1 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr 0-2 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr 0-3 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr 0-4 by Stephen...
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    Rare, clean, Black-wrap 1964 Rogers Tower Snare Drum 4 sale.

    She is in great shape, with new heads and original wires. The wrap is nearly perfect with minimal wear or corrosion on the hardware. The original owner (not me) had the music store install a Ludwig bat-and-ball tone control knob, since most Towers came from the factory without them, and it works...
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    The Official Slingerland Drum Thread

    Ray Dee Oh King, that tangerine 80N is just beautiful! Here's a video of Louis Bellson's Band playing the Cork Jazz Festival in 1980. LB plays his Slingerland "Explosion Kit", but can anyone tell me what finish the drums and the bands' music stands are in? It looks like chocolate sprinkles on...