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  1. Aaronjiski

    1960’s Radioking kit yay or nay?

    Hello, I have been burnt badly in the past on gear and before I risk doing the same thing again I am reaching out to the drum gods of this forum. So! Long story short. 1960’s Radioking kit WMP. Seller claims no extra holes or mods. He claims no re-ring splits and that the edges are in great...
  2. Aaronjiski

    1925 Leedy original?

    Hello, I’m looking at this 1925 Leedy. The seller doesn’t seem to know much about it or isn’t telling. These old Leedy’s have been questionable in the past with mixed parts, he’s asking a little bit of money so I want to make sure it’s correct before I pull the trigger.
  3. Aaronjiski

    Duluth Bell Brass 14x6 3/4 Slingerland and Ludwig, Tama combo

    I finally got her in! It took a long time and a lot of research to get it done. I love vintage Slingerland and Ludwig drums so I chose to honor the classics and also have a bell brass in the process. I took specs from a Tama Bell Brass and also specs from some older Broadways and Radiokings...
  4. Aaronjiski

    Slingerland COB TDR “Buddy Rich” model

    I acquired my 3rd TDR since they are fantastic. It’s a brass shell with 3 vent holes and the TDR throw. Question: Did they make them with and without a muffler? My other 2 have mufflers and both date to around 1979-1981. The 3rd one I got doesn’t have any holes for a muffler and the badge...
  5. Aaronjiski

    Leedy & Ludwig 1951 snare

    Hello again, I found a killer deal on a snare and from experience I have learned to be careful when something seems to good to be true. So, long story short. The seller claims this is a 1951 original Leedy&Ludwig snare. It’s a players snare for sure. The throw-off seems shady to me but I...
  6. Aaronjiski

    Ludwig 1920’s Super-Sensitive?

    I came across this guy, the seller claims it’s a 5.5” but all catalogs from 1920’s to 1930’s that they only made a 5” and deeper but no 5.5”. From what I can find it seems it’s missing the snare guards on the sides. Is this a super- sensitive or am I getting ripped? Thank you!
  7. Aaronjiski

    Ajax Boosey&Hawkes 14x5 WMP 1960’s

    Just picked up this Boosey&Hawkes Ajax. I don’t know anything about these really. I heard they were high-end snares back in the day but besides that I don’t know much but I didn’t want to pass it up. Anyone have one or know the history i.e build quality? Thank you.
  8. Aaronjiski

    Bell Brass Custom Shell like Tama

    Hello! I have a question for you Tama Bell Brass guys and gals. I am in the process of designing my own bell brass snare from Duluth. I have the depth and look dialed in but here’s my question: I want the oversized diameter like the original bell brass from Tama. What is the exact diameter of...
  9. Aaronjiski

    Slingerland snare 1-ply maple or 3-ply? Possible Radioking?

    Hello drum fans! I came across this little fellow, going for $150 it stopped me in my tracks after seeing a photo of the inside. Is it 1ply maple or 3ply? It’s a 1960’s 6-lug Slingerland snare. Here are some photos, from what I know the Radiokings could show up in different maple configurations...
  10. Aaronjiski

    1-ply solid Mahogany Ludwig Universal model 1940’s

    Hello fellow drum-e-teers! I have in my sights a 1940’s Ludwig Solid universal mahogany shell. So the question is: Did they make a solid mahogany shell for the universal models? All the catalogs from that time state 3-ply mahogany. Thank you for the help!
  11. Aaronjiski

    Slingerland Yo era snare 14x6.5 brass

    I just acquired this little lady. I have 2 of the COB TDR’s but this one caught my eye. It’s the Yo era Slingerland. The throw is the Zoomatic (aka by me as the Crapmatic) which go figure.. is busted! What a shock right?! It will be replaced with an INDe throw so it can be used. So why and I...
  12. Aaronjiski

    Leedy snare with small crack in shell,can it be repaired?

    I have a question about a small "crack" on the bottom of my snare, it's located where the original welding seam is at. Can it be repaired by possibly welding or soldering it to re-enforce it? The shell is nickel over brass and the bearing edge is totally fine, it's just in that one spot. Will...
  13. Aaronjiski

    Leedy Reliance 1930's NOB

    Hello, I just got this Leedy and I want to restore it. Parts are obviously hard to come by, does anyone know if the Reliance and Utility models have different hoops? The throw is the hardest to find in good condition without costing too much. Anyone have experience with these snares? Thank you !
  14. Aaronjiski

    Leedy Reliance 1930's NOB

    I just picked up this Leedy that came with the top hoop and clips and tension rods for the top hoop only. It has the butt-plate but no bottom hoop or throw-off. So my question is, does anyone know where I can get parts? Ebay and Reverb are usually a bust unless I want to slap on a Leedy...
  15. Aaronjiski

    Vintage snare from Prussia dating around 1890-1910

    Hello fellow drum lovers. Today I snagged this little lady, dating around 1890-1910 from old Prussia (German Empire). Sonaroubd It’s a 16x4.5 Brass shell with Rosewood hoops and gut snares. There is really no information on this snare and the seller I bought it from said there might be a...
  16. Aaronjiski

    Slingerland TDR COB Difference?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the TDR's from the 70's? I got a 14x6.5 in great condition for $230,it's the Buddy Rich model is what I was told. So the question is, what is the difference between the Gene Krupa and the Buddy Rich model? Only thing I can notice is the...
  17. Aaronjiski

    Good tips for a beginner engineer looking for home studio tips

    Hello, I am interested in recording my own drums with the pandemic under siege. After hours on YouTube and looking around I’ve just made myself more confused. Endless gear and combos and everybody is saying something different(this is probably how new drummers feel). So long story short...
  18. Aaronjiski

    WFL 1950’s WMP 14x6.5

    So I just happened to go up on Craigslist and found this guy just recently posted. 1950’s WFL Super Classic. The seller stated he was in management for the band Foreigner and Tom Gimbal bought it from Jim Chapin. They are apparently letting go of some gear due the pandemic, I got a letter( more...
  19. Aaronjiski

    WFL Supreme 14x5.5 Snare beds are off?

    Hello! I bought it from Reverb and knew it's a type of drum that really has "only" one tuning spot where it sounds good. I just received my 1957 WFL Supreme 14x5.5 snare in the mail today and upon inspecting it and taking off the heads and cleaning and such. I noticed that the not only were...
  20. Aaronjiski

    1957 WFL 14x5.5 Blue/Silver Duco model?

    I finally got over my fear of collecting more gear with past events in mind.:D I just ordered myself a Blue/Silver Duco 1957 WFL 14x5.5, and I'm not sure of the model, some online sites say it's a Supreme Model (which I'm most guessing it is) and some say it's a Pioneer model but it gets a...