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  1. SwivoNut

    20" Bass Drum Hard Case

    Wanted - 20" bass drum hard case in fair to good condition. Must be flat on BOTH top and bottom.
  2. SwivoNut

    Silver Sparkle Drums Not Loud Anymore

    It was a nice day yesterday so I decided to set up my drums in the back yard and woodshed for an hour or two. After about 45 minutes my next-door neighbor came over and asked why my drumming was so loud. I told him that silver sparkle drums were by nature much louder than any other kind. I could...
  3. SwivoNut

    !,000 Drum Brand Names and Counting

    When I joined the DFO forum a number of years ago I was amazed at how many drum brand names were mentioned that I never heard of before, so I started keeping track of them. To date I have cataloged over 1,000 of them, 1,008 to be exact. Who would ever imagine there would be so many?
  4. SwivoNut

    Reaction Score

    At the top right of my latest post under Joined: and Messages: and above Location: it says Reaction Score: 99. What is Reaction Score?
  5. SwivoNut

    RIP D.J.Fontana

    3/15/31 - 6/13/18 Elvis Presley's longtime drummer D. J. Fontana dies at age 87.
  6. SwivoNut

    Poor Man's Drum Set

    I ran across this pic recently and it really brought back memories. Back when I was a teenager I acquired a pair of drumsticks thanks to my good buddy who managed to lift them from the junior high marching band. Needing a drum set to go along with them but not having the necessary funds, I used...
  7. SwivoNut

    Jack Sperling Playing Rogers Drums?

    I remember seeing a picture of Jack Sperling playing a Blue Note outfit in an old Ludwig catalog but didn't know he ever played Rogers until I ran across this video on Youtube.
  8. SwivoNut

    Is This Town Big Enough For Two Rogers Drummers?

    Last Thursday our 18-piece big band played a concert on the courthouse lawn in my home town of Mason, a small town in Mid-Michigan. As I was setting up a guy came up and started looking over my vintage Rogers set. He said "Rogers eh? That's what I play too." Come to find out he plays them every...
  9. SwivoNut

    Unusual Slingerland Kit On CL

    This unusual chrome Slingerland kit with high rise toms is currently listed on Lansing, Michigan Craigslist for $750. I included the seller's closeup shot of the tom mount.
  10. SwivoNut

    Longest Time With a Band?

    What is the longest time you spent with a band? I know some of you have played for many years in the same band.
  11. SwivoNut

    Curious Cat

    Curiosity may have killed a cat but this one can't resist checking out what might be in that bass drum.
  12. SwivoNut

    Rogers Memriloc Snare Stand

    Looking for a Rogers Memriloc snare stand in good condition.
  13. SwivoNut

    Amusing Drum Photo

    We've all seen many photos of drums presented with various props, backgrounds and backdrops but I ran across this one somewhere on the net and found it rather amusing - a Sunlite snare on a kitchen range. I couldn't resist adding the second photo of what I'd probably do if that happened to be my...
  14. SwivoNut

    Drums Not Musical Instruments?

    This music store apparently doesn't consider drums to be musical instruments...
  15. SwivoNut

    Unusual Rogers Part

    I've never seen a Rogers accessory clamp like the one currently listed on eBay. Seller says it's original. The ones I've used to mount a cowbell to the upright part of a Swivomatic tom holder were like the one shown on the BDP set.
  16. SwivoNut

    Snare Drum Light Fixture

    This pendant light fixture made from a snare drum is currently on the Lansing, Michigan Craigslist. It has a 30" drop length from the ceiling, takes up to a 100 watt bulb, and is listed for $495. Not mine, just thought it was interesting.
  17. SwivoNut

    "Air Drum" Sticks

    Seen on CL.
  18. SwivoNut

    Big Band Concert

    Mid-Michigan members: The Twilight Memories Big Band will be playing a free concert and dance from 7:00 - 10:00 PM this Saturday June 7th at the McCurdy Park Community Center, 560 W. Corunna Ave., Corunna, MI. The occasion is to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day so there will be some patriotic...
  19. SwivoNut

    Porting Rogers Tom Holders

    I never collapse my Rogers Swivo or Memriloc dual tom holders. I leave them preset at the angles I want so that I don't have to mess with adjusting them every time I set up. When adjusted to my liking, they won't fit into my trap case so I hand carry them separately. I'm curious as to how the...
  20. SwivoNut

    Quote Feature

    Lately when I try to use the Quote feature, a blank dialog box pops up that doesn't include the OP's text. Also, it does not allow me to paste text into it.