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    Dynamite Daze

    Short background: I joined this band about 2 years ago. One gig, then COVID. Now, we start again. Switched some songs to German language, including this one. Any comments on our music, my playing / sound etc. are welcome. The more critical the better, because I'd like to improve. I already...
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    I guess there might be a connection. I stumbled once about the note that Jeff Ocheltree (drum technician of John Bonham) worked later on for Alex Van Halen. That explained - at least to me - a lot of his unconventional drum sounds. Ocheltree explaining Bonham sound: But I read also some...
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    For me, the habit changed over the years. I was never the first, but avoided to be last, for the reasons already mentioned. But I have to tell you this story: There was a 'blues project' and we had a gig not far away from my home (probably half an hour to drive). The singer / band leader told...
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    So tell me why you love (or hate) Paiste 602's

    This 'dang practice kit' is something very special. Discussed here for example. Probably not the easiest kit to record. To the thread starter who is considering between 2002 and 602: I play both. The 2002 have excellent rides and hi-hats. I personally don't favor the crashes (except the 24, but...
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    Post No. 100

    Just wanted to thank all of you for the warm welcome to the forum. One of the better 'internet places' to be.
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    Paiste "unofficial" cymbal production/history timeline: 1900 - 1986

    Sorry, I was wrong. Your catalogue pages already proof that 'Dallas-Arbiter' was not selling electronics only (what I thought), but also offered cymbals. Didn't know that. It's easy to get confused with all the activities of Ivor Arbiter. Probably worth an own chapter in Drum History.
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    Paiste "unofficial" cymbal production/history timeline: 1900 - 1986

    Thank you so much for all the work you put in. Great. Very minor remark: This might be the wrong name. There was an important guy named 'Ivor Arbiter', who founded a couple of companies (Arbiter Electronics, Arbiter Western, Dallas-Arbiter, Hayman Drums, Arbiter Autotune Drums, ...). I'm not...
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    Post No. 100

    Good morning Drum Forum With my post no. 100 it's really time to say 'hello' to all of you. And I wanted to shortly introduce myself: I already liked drums as child, and started in my youth. At around 16, I got my first drum kit and was drumming a year later in local bands, what I'm basically...
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    Live And Let Die

    Really great drumming. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Complicated song with many tempo and rhythm changes. A good showcase for a good drummer, as you have to play with force, AND you have to set all the tempi right. Both is not easy, but together it's hard. OK, here it is 'playing...
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    Jacques Loussier Trio

    This venue has some history behind. It's the St.Thomas Church in Leipzig (Germany), where Johann Sebastian Bach worked most of his life. He liked the acoustics of the building, and his grave is inside, too. Can't imagine better venues for J.S. Bach compositions. I knew the Jacques Loussier...
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    Poll: Vintage Drums vs Modern Drums

    From a pure economical point of view, it would be better for many of us, not to buy any drums at all. Just kiddin'. Anyway, if I remember right, I bought more drum kits 'new' than 'vintage'. But the new ones aged (together with me), and are now all considered 'vintage' - what I voted for.
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    Jim Gordon's Camco set

    Very good question. The discussion is interesting to read (with all the ups and downs of forum discussions), but the final presentation of the trophy is missing. I would like to know, how these Camco drums sound now. In all the decades, a lot of bad things can happen to shells. But maybe they...
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    Charlie Watts isolated drum track

    Another one: Beast of Burden
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    The last of the GOATs

    You can ask even further: how can GOAT be plural? (Assuming GOAT stand for the 'greatest of all time')
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    Help to identify an Istanbul cymbal smith

    Thank you for the answers and sorry that I didn't respond earlier. I totally missed your reactions. Just wanted to bump up this topic today because I thought nobody answered yet. @ JDA I already tried to contact Mehmet Tamdeger about that (via Turkish email address), but without success. Have...
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    Russ Kunkel

    Hi Mike Don't get me wrong. This was pure technical advice for the impatient ones. Of course, I have highest respect of the 'human touch' of Lee Sklars opinions. I'm a little fan boy (but not connected via any social network). Musicians like that are rare, at least I don't know many. And, I...
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    Russ Kunkel

    Two years ago, I had no clue, who Russ Kunkel is. Shame on me. Of course, I knew a lot of songs he drummed on, but the name meant nothing to me. It is Leland Sklar's youtube channel, that I was (and still am) listening to, that discovered so many gems of music business. Russ Kunkel is one of...
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    The Evolution of Ian Paice

    Might have been a tribute band that tried to fool the audience by face surgery or something like that. At least the drummer looked very close to the original: About 2 years ago, I took these images from front row of audience (where else). I played myself for years in a Deep Purple...
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    Dusty Hill - RIP

    I saw them a few times live. Also liked their newer stuff. RIP Dusty Hill and thank you for everything. The best power trio in the world stopped existing now... We played this song (Thunderbird) in a cover band for years. Towards the end of concerts, this was a real blast (and lot of fun)...
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    New Sonor Kit

    Absolutely great story. These drums might never leave you again, I guess ...