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    How to Torture a Drummer...

    Reminds me of the Ryan O’Neil film So Fine.
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    To drill or not to drill?

    When ever I re-veneer an old 3-ply kick drum, I always remove the tom and cymbal mounting hardware, fill the holes, attach the veneer and assure the inside patches are rendered invisible. This is because ever since my first Rogers Mardi Gras in the mid ‘60’s, I’ve been bothered by tom wobble...
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    OT- is Vintage Drum Forum. com up or...

    I tried to join a couple months back and have yet to hear back with my approval or denial. I forgot about it until this thread just reminded me.
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    Psych Red Project - Seam Lift Repair

    Always use band clamps! They are like the straps truckers use to tie down loads. It’s basically a ratcheted device attached to nylon Straps that will circumference your shell and solve your clamping issues.
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    Advice needed - Slingerland wrap crack repair ?

    I’d like to see a well lit and in focus photo or two, but I do work like this all the time. Typically, I’d use fine line tape to mask around the area very tightly to insure no leakage to surrounding surfaces. I’d then position the shell so that the repair area is absolutely horizontal, because...
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    Re-Lacquering a Vintage Grestch Drumset

    It really depends on what you wish to achieve, and your standards of quality. If they came into my shop, I’d first determine If there was a substrate adhesion issue. If the chipping is from really rough service, and you plan to continue to gig and rehearse off site, meaning they will be bumped...
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    Old Pearl Restoration Evidence

    Thank you and all the other drum brethren who’ve made such supportive comments. Over the years I was one who turned up the nose to the MIJ, stencil-firewood approach, and spent countless thousands on name brand tubs. At 66, I’ve come to the conclusion that all is not what it seems, and...
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    Not loving playing drums now.

    When I was younger, much younger…playing three chord progressions in four, with a twelve bar turnaround was a way to develop chops, and experience playing with others. Thankfully, I quickly grew beyond this rudimentary style and embraced more complex rhythms and song structures. Perhaps your...
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    Old Pearl Restoration Evidence

    Thanks man, As a matter of fact, I put clear ambassador reso heads on all the drums I re-condition for that very reason. The grain ran north/south originally, but I like the east/west look. I’ve been a woodgrainer since 1987, so it was pretty easy to get a more impactful presentation. The...
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    Old Pearl Restoration Evidence

    After spending countless thousands on expensive name brand, and even one custom made kit over the years, I decided to see if I could make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. I must say that I’m pretty impressed with the tone I was able to coax out of these, but they did take hours of meticulous...
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    CB-700 Taiwan Concert Tom Kit Questions

    Welcome to the forum. I just wanted to add some interesting info about the multi-colored finish. Zolatone is the manufacturer’s trademarked name. Multi-spec is another product I’ve seen producing the unique finish in a more interior designer like color palette. This unusual effect results in...
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    What sad stories stand out to you regarding musicians/musical industry?

    Oh, I forgot John Prine died recently from health issues complicated by COVID-19. He was an amazing writer who could bring a tear to both eyes by his ability to tell a deeply moving story. He will be impossible to replace.
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    Old Pearl Oval Badge

    I recently picked up a cheap thin shelled kit from the 1960’s I’m in the process of refurbishing. Red glitter wrap with numerous glue failures and flat spots on the shells, so it was an easy call to sh!t can the wrap and work the surfaces to eliminate the less than perfect build quality. The...
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    What sad stories stand out to you regarding musicians/musical industry?

    Brian Jones’ passing really affected me at the time. I heard a saying several years later; when Jones died, the stones died. Though I wouldn’t go quite that far, my favorite albums from them all had BJ as an influential writer and performer. Then recently, I was on a ladder at a clients house...
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    Behlen spray lacquer

    Behlen is one of several companies who manufactures lacquer in aerosol cans. Old school nitrocellulose isn’t exactly the best product available nowadays. There are pre-cat lacquers which last longer, and if you want to hit it and forget it, I suggest conversion varnishes. Both these products...
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    Wanted old Pearl parts

    Greetings everyone, I am currently re-veneering a cheap kit I picked up to take to rehearsals and jam sessions. it’s a oval logo, red P Pearl kit from what I assume is 1966 or so. I’ve owned a ‘57 Rogers Mardi Gras, ‘68 Slingerland Pink Champagne, Ludwig Octaplus, DW’s etc. I’m ok with the less...
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    Advice on finishing mahogany

    To anyone wanting to alter the depth and or color, and also preserve the light reflective shimmer of wood species, I highly recommend using transparent dye stains instead of traditional wood stain. Rockler and Woodcraft are stores in the states who stock these products. These are sold as either...
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    Using Wood Putty To Fill In Blemishes

    Personally, Being in the wood repair and finishing industry for decades, I NEVER use the wood putties available at the big home improvement stores. They dry out, get crumbly, and don’t hold up. What I do is use epoxies mixed with fine sanding dust. If it’s a shallow crevasse you can use West...