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    All American Drummer?

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if any of you have noticed Wilcoxon’s All American Drummer is becoming really hard to find? My local stores are out, Amazon is out, and it doesn’t appear on the Ludwig Master’s catalog. Anyone know what’s going on? This is a staple of my teaching and don’t know...
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    Would you join this band? "No rehearsals needed."

    I play gigs with top professionals this way all the time. I much prefer it to countless rehearsals and few gigs. As long as the gigs are booked and you are for sure on them, I'd learn the tunes and get paid. It's only the first gig that you won't know them, after that either you'll be best...
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    22" K Con Hi Bell MTL

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    Yamaha Maple Custom Bop Kit

    Saw this one on CL:
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    22" K Con Hi Bell MTL

    Hello, I'm currently on the hunt for a 22" K Con Hi Bell Medium Thin Low. Thanks! Tim
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    GONE-22” Zildjian Swish Knocker

    I have an 18" Paiste 2002 Crash and an 18" 2002 Flat ride I would trade.