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    OT RANT about Audi!!!

    I took my car in for service today. I mentioned that one of the two bulbs in the dome light was burnt out. They call me to get approval to fix it. “Unfortunately, we cannot replace the bulb, we have to replace the entire mechanism. That costs $586.03.” Audi service LIES...
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    Tyler Greenwell

    With Tedeschi Trucks Band, he’s really an impressive player. This solo caught me off guard, and the band has only, one drummer now. He’s really excellent here as a lead-in to Whipping Post, following a great bass solo in the beginning.
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    Vic Firth signature Dave Weckl

    Any one else use them?
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    Steely Dan in 1974

    This popped up on my YouTube feed yesterday, audio only but it’s 19 yo Jeff Porcaro playing double drums with Jim Hodder. I’m always interested in live recordings of Jeff Porcaro myself...
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    Allman Brothers Band and Moogis

    So drummer Butch Trucks (RIP), started what was hoped to be a live-streaming concert site for lots of bands, but it never panned out. They did a test run in March 1999 during their annual Beacon Theater residency. I was living in L.A. at the time, and wasn’t making it to NYC that March, so I...
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    Tommy Igoe...

    ...wears his hair the way he does, specifically so he can do what he does at 6:03. And his drumming is just awesome, there’s so much ease to his playing. And Mercy, Mercy, Mercy is one of those melodies that I can listen to over and over, so I thought I’d share this here. Enjoy
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    Bruce Katz (keyboards)

    I became aware of Bruce Katz for the first time when I saw Gregg Allman and Friends at UCLA in 2013 or 2014. Just a share...
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    Gaucho, Steely Dan, Porcaro...

    My mom was a big Steely fan, so I grew up digging them too. And naturally fell further in love with their music when I started playing drums. My folks bought me the Steely Dan boxed set called Citizen the year it was released, 1992 or 1993 maybe. A high school Christmas gift, and those CDs got...
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    Jim Gordon... eligible for parole next month, 3/2021. He has been denied 10 times previously. Anyone think he will ever be a free man again? He will turn 76 this year in July.
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    Because Eric Clapton and Doyle Bramhall are a couple of great guitar players, and Steve Gadd and Sonny Emory are a couple of great drummers. And the rest of the band is pretty awesome too.
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    CA desert lessons

    So I recently moved to Palm Springs, and I would love to find a great teacher. I actually live within walking distance of the house Buddy Rich lived in here in Old Las Palmas, and I know that Hal Blaine lived nearby when he passed away, Palm Desert maybe. So, if there are any pros that visit...
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    Moody Good

    We are musicians, us drummers. Musicians’ opinions wanted on Moody Good. Any opinion is fine.
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    Fargo (FX show)

    Anyone else watch and dig this groove?
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    Metrophones Studio kans help

    There are a few threads here so I know some members are familiar with them. I have a pair and like them. Unfortunately I lost the manual and cannot remember how to pair the bluetooth with a new device. Can anyone help?
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    Dead and Company

    So I AM a fan of the genre, I like jam bands. And my fandom started with the Allman Brothers Band, my first show was at Merriweather Post Pavilion in 1995, and I lost count around show number 35. I saw the Grateful Dead at the Spectrum in Philly the same year, and was too stoned to be...
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    Sonny Emory

    Just watched this video and I’m just so impressed, so I decided to share. His hands, wow.
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    The Heartbreakers

    Really a great band, and more than just Tom Petty’s backup. But lost without him. Could anyone else fill his shoes to get that great band back in the studio or on the road (eventually)? Harry Styles with a Stevie Nicks brought it to mind. Harry Styles and the Heartbreakers? Like Queen and...
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    Refinish cost

    I have a Slingerland kit, mahogany lacquer. 1970s (although the seller said 1968), and the floor and rack tom both look fine, save a scratch here and there. The bass drum though could use some attention. The deep mahogany color is a bit faded and the glaze sorta finish is missing in some...
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    Chicago Drum Co. vs Stone Custom Drums

    To the Slingerland fans here, who does a better job of making drums that are most similar to original Slingerland drums? Chicago Drum or Stone Custom? I listened to a podcast with Bernie Stone, and I’m pretty sure it was Jim Moritz and his dad who helped Bernie Stone learn to operate the...
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    New member saying hello (warning, it’s long and I’m a bore )

    Hello and I hope everyone is drumming plenty and staying healthy and sane during this crazy time in our lives. Glad to be here and look forward to continuing to enjoy the time I spend here, as I’ve been lurking and reading a bit. Now I can post and ask for advices and hopefully contribute...