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    Mehteran Cymbals

    Hey all. I just discovered a new Turkish brand called Mehteran Cymbals. It was started by one of the Diril brothers who used to work with Meinl (as I think they all did) on the Byzance line. I'm not affiliated or anything but just figured I'd pass it along. They have a line called Rain that seem...
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    Tama Starclassic B/W or George Way Tux walnut

    Greetings all. Haven't posted for quite some time though I read threads all the time. Many here have a vast amount more knowledge and experience than myself so I just sit back and do my best to learn. I'm in the market for a new kit (upgrading from my Crush Sublime E3, 20, 16, 12.) Looking for a...
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    Chinese cymbal mods

    It's been a good minute since I've posted anything. I got a good deal on a used 20" Wuhan Western ride used ($40) and some Wuhan Silken (not to be confused with regular Wuhans) Trois hi hats ($60 I think...can't really remember). The were both decent for the price but not really what I was...
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    Risky but rewarding hi hat experiment

    So I had a pair of 15" Soultone Custom Series hats. I got them super cheap used and after about 2 months the bottom (yep, you read that right) cracked. I didn't catch it until it was about 1" long. I cut out the crack with minimal effect to the overall sound but I just wasn't quite happy with...
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    Paiste Prototype...a litlle help please

    This guy and a couple of crashes are on the GC website. They all seem to have the same lathing and hammering patterns but I can't seem to find anything that is close. I know Prototypes are just that...prototypes, so they're not going to be just like anything else. Just curuious if what kind of...
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    Paiste Inovations

    Anybody have them? Or have had them? How do they mix with Sigs?
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    Well that was frustrating

    I'm not entirely sure if this belongs here or in the general discussion forum. If this is too long I apologize. Just say so and I'll edit or remove. I made a thread about opinions amd thoughts on my new cymbals. There was much help. I had ended up going with some used PST7's (because of my...
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    Sabian XSR Monarch Series

    Anybody played them? A lot of the sound files for them on YT sound pretty interesting and I kind of like them. A couple however the crashes sound completely dead. Not sure if it's just the person pkaying them or what.
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    Looking for new cymbals---input?

    I'm a new "official member" but have been looking through the threads quite a bit and decided to sign up and ask some questions from many of you who definitely seem to know more than myself. As stated, I am in the market to replace my ZBT's (had them for about 6 mo. and I'm over There...