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    Having "touch"

    I'm a touch player. I think it comes from so many years playing with country bands, jazz bands, and orchestras. (I've had guitarists tell me to play louder!, also why I need to mic my drums.). I think that's what kept me in worship bands for the past five years. When I quit and moved into the...
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    If You Could Play Drums for One Night with One Group, Who Would It Be?

    I was able to see Chicago not long before Terry Kath died. I was simply blown away all night! My three choices would be Chicago, Elton John, and Toto. I think EJ would be a fun gig.
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    OT - What instantly sets you off?

    When someone starts a sentence "Don't take this personally, but" means I'm about to insult you!
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    (ARS) Atlanta Rhythm Section Friday 5 Fer

    Being from the Atlanta area, they were hometown heroes. Paul Goddard was fantastic. We always said he was so homely that he couldn't get a date; just stayed home and played bass. Members of the band said Goddard was a guitarist before playing bass and that's what made him so great on solos. I...
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    Music Festival this past Saturday

    Actually a local Battle of the Bands with 12 bands competing for a paid gig this fall. Anyway, watching all of these, primarily, younger drummers play, made me realize how out of shape I'm in. I no longer have the practice space or the desire to learn blazing fast fills, double bass, and blast...
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    Your favourite rack tom size

    For years I played 1 up 1 down, then got this set with 10/12/14. I still mostly play using the 12/14, but keep the 10 up for a little change every now and then. I keep looking for a matching 16 FT but extremely hard to come by (PDP CX in Sky Blue Onyx).
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    OT Favorite Clint Eastwood Movies

    Boy! Too many to choose from. One that hasn't been mentioned is "Heartbreak Ridge". Not one of his best, but a fun movie. I just recently saw "The Mule" and thought it was good. "Gran Torino" was better. I love all of the western themed movies; with "Pale Rider" and "Unforgiven" being the top ones.
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    Russian Cover Band - Leonid & Friends

    These guys are great! I've been a Chicago fan forever. They do everything justice!
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    OT: poison oak...

    I could write an encyclopedia about poison oak/ivy. These plants contain urushiol in their sap. This is what causes the allergic reaction. This stuff is thick and very hard to get rid of. If your using yard tools and get it on the handles, it can remain there for weeks. If it gets on your...
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    A Slice Of Pie

    A friend has the Big Black Bob and it sounds great! I want one...
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    O.T. If you don't care much for Country Music...

    I like a lot of the older style country. Can't hardly stand the Bro-country. Everybody wants to sound like Luke Bryan. It's the current formula. Of the newer guys, I do like Billy Currington. "Beer is good! God is great! And people are crazy!"
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    Equipment shortage?

    I work for an importer. We're having problems getting our inventory from Asia. Asian Customs is holding shipments longer than usual. Not only are the ships backed up, but because of that, the air freight has now backed up too. the ports are all crammed, the rail yards are packed, and not enough...
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    My flea market find.......before Slingerland drums....

    Same with pawn shops! I think there are so many buyers and resellers around here they get snapped up in a hurry and then charge top dollar!
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    Trends on the forum over the years

    It may be ruff now, but it smooths out with practice! :D
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    Ten Reasons to Buy an Electronic Drum Kit

    I play a Roland TD17KVX for a worship band. It lets them control the SPL in the hall and going out online. The first thing I did was crank up the tension on the mesh heads to near acoustic level tension to lessen the trampoline effect. they're still MUCH better than the old rubber pads! It's...
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    Beaters for Roland mesh kick drum

    At a church where I used to play, they had the mesh kick drum pad. I'd heard that the fibers from the felt get tangled in the mech and cause it to wear faster. I put a moleskin patch on the mesh head and never noticed any wear. A cheap fix and easily replaceable or removeable if necessary.
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    Handles, Avatars, & Signatures

    Old post. Surprised I never responded. My name is Chuck, but I had a Master Gunnery Sergeant that refused to call me Chuck. He always called me Charlie, but because of the fat stogie always hanging in the corner of his mouth it came out Cholly. The red part came from the red guitar I used to...
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    I'm curious how many drummers on here belong to this club...

    Apparently there are more of us than I would've thought! there are some things I can only do left handed and some I can only do right handed. My dad was the mirror image. My sister was like the OP. She would switch hands at will. I would say that I'm primarily left handed, but that may not be...
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    O.T. but related. Christmas Star.

    Had a clear view from my driveway. Cool to see. Tried to get a decent picture, but couldn't hold the phone still enough. Won't be around when the next one comes around.
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    Drum SET or Drum KIT?

    Don't matter what you call it! Just "blow the tubs, man!!!" Okay, yeah that was real old school.....