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    Dynamite Daze

    Short background: I joined this band about 2 years ago. One gig, then COVID. Now, we start again. Switched some songs to German language, including this one. Any comments on our music, my playing / sound etc. are welcome. The more critical the better, because I'd like to improve. I already...
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    Post No. 100

    Good morning Drum Forum With my post no. 100 it's really time to say 'hello' to all of you. And I wanted to shortly introduce myself: I already liked drums as child, and started in my youth. At around 16, I got my first drum kit and was drumming a year later in local bands, what I'm basically...
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    Help to identify an Istanbul cymbal smith

    Maybe here is somebody, who could help me. In the late 80s, I visited the Istanbul cymbal factory in Turkey. Official name, I guess, was 'Zilciler Kollektiv Sirketi' under Mehmet Tamdeger and Agop Tomuruk. It was the famous 'pre-split era' and I was really impressed how friendly and open...