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  1. JazzDrumGuy

    Can you tell the size of the cymbal by looking at this picture?

    Could be an 18" - he played an 18" back in the day (and I'd never heard of this site before!)
  2. JazzDrumGuy

    20th Anniversary of Tenacious D

    Didn't really know anything about them other than JB and some bald dude. I saw the movie - it was interesting.....not sure if I'd be a fan of the music.
  3. JazzDrumGuy

    Ludwig Pioneer - Wow!

    My last post was 2017 - I have since acquired a mahogany finish 60's Pioneer to almost match my 60's Jazzette kit (I saved/refinished) and I traded a nice ride for a blue OP Pioneer - only to find out it was a rewrap! Very annoyed but they are great snares!
  4. JazzDrumGuy

    Can you tell the size of the cymbal by looking at this picture?

    The ride looks 20 and the crash to the right looks the same size.
  5. JazzDrumGuy

    (Taken) Free Ludwig Throw Off

    Bummer! I am doing a 9x13 tom conversion to a snare for a buddy of mine to celebrate his daughter's birth.........
  6. JazzDrumGuy

    Vintage 18” bass drum spur question

    I would want to see the rest of the drum and also double-check that those holes are in the proper position for vintage-style Spurs. If so, I would definitely go with the vintage look. Are you going to have a rail mount, too?
  7. JazzDrumGuy

    Ok guys, really...serious question here.....

    I just bought every kit.... I'll give you a good deal! I feel for a similar site buying a used Zildjian ride and used Gretsch snare about 6 months ago. Thankfully, I used PayPal and they immediately refunded me. I'd send that link over to our friends at DW and let them deal with it.....
  8. JazzDrumGuy

    Why do we buy vintage drums vs modern drums?

    They were US made, older than me aged wood, they sound fantastic, the wood and metal seems more solid, resale value although I normally don't sell and most importantly, the M-O-J-O, baby!
  9. JazzDrumGuy


    I have a pair of 13" IAK's that I use on my practice Jazz kit. They're very crisp and have nice volume.
  10. JazzDrumGuy

    Bonzo passed 41 years ago.....

  11. JazzDrumGuy

    Favorite COB Snare

    Slingy 6.5x14 from the 70's....does it all! High, low, fat, thin......and the Chrome is still perfect!
  12. JazzDrumGuy

    Slingerland Niles Badge 4 pc.

    Love the sky blue pearl and glad to see a vintage Slingy kit for a good price....GLWS.....
  13. JazzDrumGuy

    Going price for round badge 16” floor tom nowadays?

    There is that black on eBay for $500 or so. Not bad. I picked up my 16" RB champagne for less than that, and it is pristine except for ONE small hole! It just depends......
  14. JazzDrumGuy

    Decals and Heads - decal adhesion

    Yes and yes. The majority of my bass reso heads are Fiberskyns or coated ambassadors. I buy the logos online (Gretsch, Slingy, Ludwig, DW, Rogers) usually on eBay or from Bentley's when I am there. Never had an issue installing nor with peeling.
  15. JazzDrumGuy

    15" Hats for Jazz

    I have had various 15" hats - Bosphorus masters vintage (sold), 80's A new beats (still have, a tad heavy), 15 Keropes (my favorites - amazing!), 15 K lights (nice but the foot chick was a little muted). I have a pair of 14 K lights or 14 K Cons if interested. I also had 14 K custom darks but...
  16. JazzDrumGuy

    heavy metal drummer and the Beatles Come Together

    The heavy metal guy was too much but at least he's covering the Beatles as opposed to Miley Cyrus. The greasy version was killer. You can see how that drummer has amazing feel even though he's playing a very laid-back minimal beat and makes the song his....
  17. JazzDrumGuy

    heavy metal drummer and the Beatles Come Together

    Ha....I was thinking I need to get some fluorescent green shorts for my next gig!
  18. JazzDrumGuy

    Asking for information and pricing help

    I was also wondering about that white sticker. I've never seen it. However, I'm pretty sure the steel Rocker series is not made in North Carolina. Also the throw-off will have different hole spacing. The butt plate is modern. I'm still thinking it's less than 10 years old. The drum looks...
  19. JazzDrumGuy

    Asking for information and pricing help

    Show me your butt....plate. COA or COB? Looks modern for sure and guessing 2010 to present. That is a vintage badge though (1964?). The grommet is also wrong for that badge. Any extra holes? Are there any seams inside? There shouldn't be. Something is definitely odd here.....
  20. JazzDrumGuy

    Where to find a trick copy throw off

    It's on a slow boat.....been there, done that....