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  1. CaptainCrunch

    WAY OT: My new built in grill

    *Scroll down, get jealous* *Scroll up knowing it's a location that's too hot for me* I just finally got a good charcoal-n-gas setup that I hope to use at least twice more this season. Nice rig there. My kid bro got the grilling gene from our pops, everything I've learned has been a hard-fought...
  2. CaptainCrunch

    Argue/Vote for Next Snare

    I know oak can tend towards loud, and Dynas aren't made for the Volume Wars. I'd lean towards the Ludwig, or the Canopus (a company I know nothing about beyond reputation). Or I'd throw a curveball and ask why a 402 isn't a contender?
  3. CaptainCrunch

    Help Identifying Paiste 22” Ride

  4. CaptainCrunch

    1920s Leedy Utility Snare

    My money's on those holes being for a lightbulb bracket, run the cord through the vent hole.
  5. CaptainCrunch

    SOLD Large lot of Ludwig tom mounts / parts

    Oh, man. I'd have been on this like stink on a monkey. Good buy to whoever jumped.
  6. CaptainCrunch

    Help Identifying Paiste 22” Ride

    That is totally Wite-Out (their spelling, not mine). Paiste's top lines are hammered by a machine controlled by the foot while the hands spin the cymbal. So a human chooses the strikes and pattern, but the machine does the thwackin'. And RUDE's were very much a top line - we forget just how...
  7. CaptainCrunch

    Ludwig chrome plating rumor

    Not a slight against Ludwig, but if there was a so-so plating shop in-house or a block away, and an incredible one 10 blocks away, there's no doubt as to which they'd use. Efficiency & profitability was the name of the game, and travel time helps neither. Of course now, it's cheaper and easier...
  8. CaptainCrunch

    Help Identifying Paiste 22” Ride

    I can't tell if the underside is lathing or cleaning scratches, but that looks a lot like a RUDE and that description fits.
  9. CaptainCrunch

    Slingy 3 pt. strainer replacement?

    I think I've read that the top 2 holes with a little bending/filing/blasphemy can line up, and just snap a little plastic thingus (like the screw hiders from flat-pack furniture) to go between the vestigial bottom leg and the shell.
  10. CaptainCrunch


    Dude breaks something replaceable, he'd better have cash. If he doesn't tell him it's a good thing you happen to have makeup and a wig, and then all of a sudden he'll magically find some cash. The list of people I'd let use the irreplaceable stuff is shorter than the list of people I'd lend...
  11. CaptainCrunch

    My endorsement story...because of the Jordan/Stones/Yamaha thread..

    It's actually amazingly interesting, and I'm glad to read these kind of stories. Ultimately, it's a job that has a lot of moving parts, many more people want it (or think they want it) than will ever be needed to do it. No matter who you are, you have to show up and do your job (well, except for...
  12. CaptainCrunch

    Tru oil?

    Check out the forum at People (me included) love it for guitar necks, or to bring out the figure in a shell. You'll need to either stain, stain and sand-back, or tint the tru-oil itself. It builds quite slowly if applied by hand. I use it under nitrocellulose lacquer. Another...
  13. CaptainCrunch

    Tracking an order

    I ordered a guitar bridge from a specialty maker in the UK. He drops it in his postie box at the end of the lane, then it goes Heathrow, 3 weeks O'Hare, 1 week Palatine IL, 1 day Peoria IL, 2 days O'Hare, Palatine, my local P.O., all same day "Out For Delivery" "Delivery Attempted" (Delivery...
  14. CaptainCrunch

    Who plays (drums) and who doesn't?

    And if you get paid to do it, you're a pro. There is no arbitrary level of skill or tricks you need to be able to pull off. Plenty of professional musicians "can't" play or sing, but people enjoy what they do and pay them for it.
  15. CaptainCrunch

    Who plays (drums) and who doesn't?

    I can't say I don't play and I shouldn't say I can't play but I can say I shouldn't play
  16. CaptainCrunch

    Holes In Gretsch (Jasper) Shells

    Solid option if you're using a stand. The Slingy isn't the World's Greatest Tom Holder, but the equivalent Gretsch is such a clob job (it's literally two rail uprights on a chunk of tube stock) that something with one point of adjustment is a step up.
  17. CaptainCrunch

    Holes In Gretsch (Jasper) Shells

    I don't know why this isn't more common knowledge, but a Gretsch/W&A tom mount, Slingy tom mount, and Ludwig center post are the same drill pattern (yes, aware Slingy and Ludwig penetrate the shell). A diamond Gretsch FT leg mount is the same 12 and 6. A Rogers mount is the same 9 and 3. A...
  18. CaptainCrunch

    Ludwig **SOLD**Pioneer-Pre-Serial-Blue Laquer-5 x 14

    That's normal WFL/Pre-Serial/Serial/Post-Serial/Pre-Ringo/Ringo/Post-Ringo/Ludwig stuff.
  19. CaptainCrunch

    China's as crashes

    I have a couple of CHINA chinas that I don't use very often - I think having a band to interact with and practice level volume would make a "garbage can down a fire escape" accent more useful. As it is, I use the 20" SigTradMedLtSwish more than any of the rest combined. I also have a 16" old A...
  20. CaptainCrunch

    Meaningless thought exercise: Which drum to save?

    It's a rewrap no matter what, so I'll have the chance to plug the holes. It's actually a decently clean job. And if I had to say, the 3-ply does have a little edge in sound.