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  1. Dumpy

    LP Tribute will get Dumpified!!!

    I have an LP Tribute coming in an iced tea burst that tends toward red. I may put a faux binding on and make a nice inlaid Gibson head logo. Stay tuned…
  2. Dumpy

    Orphan kit: Bonham layout concert toms or double headed?

    I am considering doing a 14, 16 and 18” single headed, or I could do them double. I am leaning monster concert toms. Discuss… Lesson learned: speak to type does really weird stuff…
  3. Dumpy

    Zee next new project…

    Thinline Tele. The body is a slight basket case. The neck came off of my Keef Tele. I haven’t decided if I am going to go for a Relic finish, refinsh her in gold, or make it a Frankentele. I have an Antiquity pickup right now, though if she goes Frankentele, I have a Quarter Pounder. Brass...
  4. Dumpy

    Dumpy’s Guide to Sprayed on Finishes and Weather Checking

    Lacquer weather checking has been a recurring subject on here lately. As a man who makes finishes check on purpose, I can give a few helpful hints on how to NOT have your finish check. Notice I said “weather”. Yes, this has a LOT to do with it. I follow Sweetwater’s guitar protocol, especially...
  5. Dumpy

    Somewhat O.T.: is it me or do we love the Stones’ instruments?

    How many people try to build a Charlie Watts drum set or one of Keef’s many guitars? I haven’t done any tribute kits, but I have built not one, but two Keef guitars and am close to my third Keith Richards tribute axe. My new word: Replibute. Replica+Tribute= Replibute. I add elements from...
  6. Dumpy

    Building a Keef-ish Tele

    It started off as a Squier Tele. I have a Don Mare bridge pickup already. I am using aluminum knobs. I haven’t decided which neck humbucker to put in. Pics to come…
  7. Dumpy

    O.T. Taking time away

    Hey- As most of you remember, I have a lot of darkness and stuff hanging out upstairs. I am finally taking the shrink up on getting me out of work for awhile. I had straws 4,3,2, and 1 break the figurative camel’s back over the last two weeks. Work and relationship stuff. No- Mrs. Dumpy and I...
  8. Dumpy

    Kinda O.T.: How hard is it to sell romantic angst past a certain age

    I say this in the writing of song lyrics. I am a firmly middle-aged man. A friend of mine just became single a few months back. Let’s say he hasn’t been in the scene for awhile. Now he is back, and he feels every bit as giddy, nerdy and angsty as he did when we were in high school 30 plus years...
  9. Dumpy

    O.T.-ish: What KISS could have became

  10. Dumpy

    KISS Creatures of the Night: the new beginning of KISS?

    Yes, Creatures came out nearly 40 years ago. KISS was in a tailspin, caving into the cork-sniffing critics, having had a couple of flops (Unmasked, Music from the Elder), personnel problems, and doing genre of the moment records under the pressure of label execs. It was also the record that...
  11. Dumpy

    Here is a song for a giggle:

  12. Dumpy

    O.T. Where’s Dumpy?

    In case it matters to anyone, my mother’s ill, my dad is losing his marbles and my poor wife has been dealing with pain management issues. Really need the house quieter in consideration of her. Just need to get my lazy rear end to the drum room, throw on mesh heads and the L80’s. But I have been...
  13. Dumpy

    OT: Won my last game 17-4!

    I am usually on the end that gets 17 goals against. Pucks just were not getting past me. The posts were so much my friends that I should have taken my goal to dinner. I liken this feeling to when the band clicked on ALL cylinders. The crowd LOVED it, you did an encore, and the club owner tips...
  14. Dumpy

    Using a 16” floor tom as a woofer on...

    ... a 20” pancake bass drum. Anyone try it? I may have the wrong head on it (hydraulic), but would it work in theory or has anyone tried it themselves? We used to add floor toms as woofers all the time in the studio; of course they were on double-headed bass drums.
  15. Dumpy

    How to get a Gong bass sound from a 15” concert tom?

    No drum can be larger than 16” in my maxi/mini kit, so I got a vintage 15” Tama Imperialstar concert tom in great shape. It has a vintage Evans Chrome head! I used those back in high school! That goes as soon as the red Hydraulic head arrives. I know it won’t sound exactly like a gong bass (my...
  16. Dumpy

    Trying a flat ride

    Found a black label 2K2 20” flat. It may be a right hand ride (playing left handed). I have always wondered what these would be like. When it arrives, pix will be posted.
  17. Dumpy

    Car wrap on drums?

    I am just thinking of this. Has anyone tried it? Removal difficult or okay?
  18. Dumpy

    Expanding the mini kit!

    Yes, after buying the New Yorker, I had decided that four pieces wasn’t always going to be enough. I added my piccolo toms and pancake snare (with mechanism removed), but was fresh out of ideas for add-ons. I want to play a large, small drum kit! Mini-metal kit if you will!!!! Enter the pdp...
  19. Dumpy

    O.T. Why do I have to threaten deadlines at work to help people? (Rant)

    I asked if something was going to be done without me doing it; however- I MUST approve of this action. It took three emails to get a manager’s name out of someone. The third time, I said “I have asked three times nicely, could you please give a name of your (blank) manager or I will have to...